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My name is Shawn Mosch, and I am the Co-Founder of the website which was established in 2003, after my husband and I became victims of a counterfeit cashier's check scam. This experience inspired us raise awareness and educate others about scams to prevent further victimization. Our site provides resources and support for scam victims, along with education on current scams.

The Consumer Federation of America released the results of a survey in May 2009 which relates directly to information we at Scam Victims United work to educate people about. They found that fifty-nine percent of the respondents incorrectly believe that when you deposit a check or money order, your bank confirms that it is good before allowing you to withdraw the money. The number goes up to 70 percent among young adults age 18-24, and 71 percent of people with incomes under $25,000 and who did not complete high school. More than 40 percent of those surveyed do not know that they are liable if the checks or money orders they deposit or cash are counterfeit. Fifty-two percent age 18-24 and half of Hispanics incorrectly said the person who gave you the check must pay the bank back. This is precisely the type of information that we at Scam Victims United work to educate people about.

As you can see by the results of this survey, there is a great need for education in the area of banking terminology and the check clearing process. One of the major reasons that counterfeit cashier's check scams work so well is that when a bank customer hears the terms "the check is clear" or that it will be "verified in 24 hours" it gives them a false sense of security that the check is legitimate and that they can use the money with no repercussions.


Hi Scam Victims United
I am familiar with your good site ,one of the first I registered with actually.
I have sent you a PM btw.

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A warm welcome to you SVU. It's good to know that you have turned your misfortune back on the scammers. More power to your elbow!
A resource you might like to use:
This page is a very simple guide to avoiding being scammed. Please consider pointing visitors to your site at it, if there is nothing similar that you already use.
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Thank you for the warm welcome. I look forward to working with all of you here on scam fighting issues.

Have you seen the recent information from the NW3C?

Welcome Scam Victims United.

I have it from official sources that this problem will soon be dealt with for us within the next 2 years. My sources tell me that the UK will be paperless by the end of 2010. That is their banking system will no longer use checks as several EU countries.

Also, the US is scheduled to stop using checks in 2012. That only means that the scammers will find a way to use the paperless system as they now do checks. It will also mean that the statistics showing a lack of knowledge by the victims as a factor will go up rather than down. The level of education and awareness of the victim will play an even greater role in their becoming victims.

So continue the good work but look ahead to an even bigger job in the near future.