Scammed by Best Buy selling used computers as new


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A computer was purchased by my single friend as a treat to herself for her Birthday!!

She bought extra Ram and programs the whole 9 yards. They came and delivered her NEW computer and set it up- she was excited as her computer plays a big part in her life--did I mention she is also disabled..

A few days later she starts discovering someone's ( NOT HERS) family pictures. She starts to investigate and finds more than she bargained for. Then the computer starts to become unstable. She is mad--She loads it up and carts it down to Best Buy on St James St in Winnipeg, MB. They start out by telling her that this is indeed a new computer she is wrong. She starts to raise her voice as she becomes frustrated and asks for management--while waiting she talks to other disgruntaled customers that express similar problems--

She finally leaves- computer to be repaired- no compensation for new vs. refurbished for difference in cost

And certainly not happy because she wants NEW!!

Has anyone else had a scam happen with Best Buy anywhere in North America--

Speak out- they are playing on people as being not knowledgeable enough to realize what they are doing

Speak Out!!


Best Buy

You can take complaints to the better business bearu (sp?) you can google for it, and there is a place you can submit complaints online. Companies DON"T like to have negative or unresolved complaints so you usually can get it solved there.

You can also make a report to your state's attorney general - again complaints can be filed from your computer.

You can also contact the credit/debit card company and see if they guarantee purchases...they may be able to refund your money ...

Dick H Box

Re-cycled computers.

I don't know if your even on the same coast as this organisation in Portland, Oregon, or the same country, but if you are anywhere near them,
are apparently well-worth trying for properly set-up second-hand computers. A friend, in another site, has built his network using their stuff.


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I am sorry for being the devils advocate here but this does not sound so much like a scam as it does a case of a returned computer. If it indeed was slightly used you should have been offered a lesser price. As the store surely knew it was a returned item which is not usually done with anything electronic due to misuse. My guess would be the person who returned it packaged it very well to look as it was never opened. Scam No! A poor judgement by best buy yes. They should have checked the PC to see it was not used before taking it back. As the above poster said the BBB will help with that if you can't resolve it with them call a news show like help me Howard and they will investigate it to see if the procedures were followed to the store policy and believe that they do not want to hear the company name being sullied on the evening news.

Just my 2 cents.


Best Buy Ripoff

Best Buy is a fucking nightmare! Had a very similar thing happen to me. When I went to return it they told me this was not what I purchased. Bullshit! It was in a sealed box.Bought another with a credit card and did not pay the bill! Credit card company backed me up. Will never shop there again. Been 10 yrs! Definitely an inside job!