Scammed by two men in Nigeria


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There names are Frank Brown and Leo Michael Segun... I was involved with this Leo but his name was Richard Bratley living in Alabama USA.. I talked to him from July 2011 until April 2012... This man scammed me out of 10,000 from credit cards and personal saving account.. He send me two fraud checks 100.000 and 2500.. I have found out that this Leo is 27 and going to school in Nigeria.. I have records and proof of all this and I have pics that are to be them... I would appreciate your help in getting these men... I have 3 e-mail addresses on them where they are scamming American women really bad out of money.. It is so sad to think you are talking to one person and he is a scammer.. Please Help Thank you


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Thank you for being brave enough to tell your story.

And...have you filed a report with your local police? That's the first place to begin- start the paper trail.