Scammer and Hacker maybe James Moon, Californien


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Good evening

Am new in this forum. Who knows this man. He is hacking me since two years and I get killer threats. Thank you for your help.

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Hello, first a warm welcome on board, and I'm very sorry for what happened to them. Do you have any more info? The photo you have posted is not public. If you have email addresses, headers, content of chatlogs, phone numbers, address, occupation, personal.... As I said, all that only they can know. That would be very important. And please, dont`t reply, stop any contact and drop him like a hot potatoe! Thank you so much.:)

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@Between. Welcome to AFI. If you are receiving threats then please report it to the police.

You need to do some anti-virus scans as your computer security may be compromised.

Have you been the victim of a romance scam with this guy?

The following names are associated with the image you posted, but it is likely that they are not the real names of the person who is harassing you.
CHRISTOPHER MORGAN / ALEXANDRO PARKER, christopher myers and David Barry.

I will do some further checking.


The same details were used by "Loveday88" as above.

Indications are that he is a Nigerian scammer. Obviously the photos are stolen and are not of him.

Here is a link to some that use the same script, I think you may recognize some of the words.


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Thank you so much, you are very kind. The address I do not find for the moment. Have problems with Google. He is working as hacker and he is working together with my Ex. My Ex has a soft- and hardware Company in Czech and they are doing very bad things also in the States and UK and in the whole world.

I leave you more news if I get more informations. They have also to do with the Bank UBS, so all is just dangerous.

Thanks a lot and greetings from Swiss.


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Thank you, you are very kind, I involved Interpol but have there not too much help. Work together against scammer with a woman in Germany and we leave you more informations.

Here I have a copied text from Barry alis.........................................

Hello xxxxx,
Andel says you are joking, if you try, he will kill you, BACK OFF !! the company is not yours... and now i want to know who protects you, give me his number, I want to work with him. reply now !!!!!


To: xxxx Admin edit. Personal details removed. DMY.
Subject: RE: Hacking
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2012 18.00.31 +0000

and what do you want from the company's logo?

Subject: RE: Hacking
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2012 10.16.31 +0200

Good morning David

I mean, you have a very good connection to Peter Andel and a super cooperation with him.
Working for my own, i did not need a hackers help.

Intresting are the files in the companys logo tscheslo.czechtrade. I'm sure you know that the company is mine.
And what's mine i get back. I fight normaly very good and strong and i'm not a unstable psycho as Peter Andel is.

Have a nice day

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@Between. One thing concerns me, Your safety is the most important thing. I do not like threats from scammers.
I would suggest the threats are reported to your cybercrime units. A couple are below who may be able to help you.

I think they may also be interested in the hacking comments.

@Between. As you have been threatened it would be a wise move to do some anti-virus scans. Here are links to a couple that are free and very good.

Look for the free version of the anti-root kit, download and run. This will detect and remove any keyloggers if they are on your computer.

As he says he may hack you. Please do not open any attachments, images or anything you are not sure of. Especially do not click on anything he sends you.

After you have run the scans, please change all your passwords. I know it is a bit of work, but when dealing with low lifes who threaten ladies we need to take action.

I will be sending you some more security tips via the Private system.


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yes, I know concerning keylog, I try to do. Have also contact to Kobik Swiss.
You are very kind. Thank you so much and have a nice day.