Scammers say the funniest things, part 2

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I have been too busy with my work this couple of days that`s why I couldn`t reply you earlier than now.

A new scam-project?

People say that ghananians are scamers or gold dicker.

Goldfinger lesser known brother!

Same here baby so what air plan about me do u ready for me to fly so I can spend rest of my life with u baby

With me no one stays longer than one week!


FB Scammer status:

knw wht u want,
knw why u want it,
discova ur talent,
use thm daily,
work hard,
work smart,
giv unconditionaly,
luv unconditionaly,
fine ur purpose,
live ur purpose..
say 2 urself; IAM not here jst 2 mk a livin iam here 2 mk a diference..

He forgot: Learn to write English Language correctly :roflmao::roflmao::roflmao:

Hua Mulan

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$7.5m (Transfer) will be Transfer to you as a cash payment of your holding conpensation funds,to avoid another haux as you're disappionted in thepast.
I would like to avoid a haux. I don't know what it is but it doesn't sound good, especially when I am conpensated or disappionated.


Ok baby....I need a help from u baby lets me if u can loan me with a little funds there to complete my flight fee nd send me nearest airport u so I can fly to u nd celebrate the Christmas with u my love so much dear

Funds as a gift?


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i have assured you a time without number that this is genuine and lagitimeta.

Genuine is okay, but I won't eat anything that is lagitimeta, for religious reasons.
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