Scammers say the funniest things, part 4

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I'm informing you this today because I came to notice that you're not communicating with a legitimate person who is in charge of getting these funds to you.
Hmm. A true statement.


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A post full of gems

I am a Christian, suffering from long-term breast
Don't know what it is but it sounds nasty.

my husband was very wealthy and after his death, inherited all his business and wealth
Very smart. Leaving nothing for the family to fight over.

Please, I want you to consider the background is lying on a bench in Ivory Coast
I don't think I want to know what the foreground is up to.

De Master Yoda

I am not asking you of money, for my only surviving lawyer who would have done this died early this year.
What a bummer, a scammers lost his lawyer who asks for money for him! :rolleyes:

if you are interested about the business reply with your name and destination for more details.
My DESTINATION? :cautious:
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