Scammers say the funniest things, part 5


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Starting on September 17,2019, YAHOO! customers who have not updated their email account will no longer be able to log in to their Yahoo and through email addresses.
Very strange because I can login to my Yahoo mail on September 18...


WARNING: Due to computer malfunction and activities of internet hackers you are advised to keep your grant very confidential and to only yourself until you have claimed your grant to avoid double claims that would void your grant.
I appreciate when a scammer is kind enough to warn me about hackers!

And that they take their obligations seriously:

In accordance with my statutory obligation and jurisdiction, I humbly inform you that I am a solicitor and my area of jurisdiction is in the area of filing of applications for your undelivered package(s), lost claims due to various factor ie time expiration and irregularities in receiving address etc.....In this circumstance, filing for your funds(grant).


I give you 100% assurance and guarantee that it is 100% assuring that you will definitely receive your Card within 72hours
Well, now that you give me your assuring assurance, I'll run right down and get that $100 iTunes gift card.