Sebastian Serge

From: Sebastian serge <>
Subject: Re: Best Investment on Crypto-Currencies
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 2020 23:41:36 +0000
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Good Day,
Firstly you need to register an account on this platform I am introducing you into. You will see how it work and understand the simple steps.

Confirmed Website -

All users will be credited 1000.00 USD upon registration and all you have to do is to buy a Demo/Practice plan with the $1000.00 from the list of investment available on the website.

"The 1000.00 USD credited to you is for the Demo/Practice plan which shows how it works so you can't withdraw it"

How to Invest?

1. To invest on real plans first you will need to make a deposit of the amount you wish to invest into Bitcoins and then you will send the payment proof to the admin of the Citi BTC Market for confirmation.

2. Once they confirm your payment, it will show up in your profile in your available balance and also on your deposited balance.

3. Once you confirm that your deposit is showing on your account already then you can now navigate to Packages, and then click on Investment Plans.

4. Under the Available packages, you can choose your preferred plan of Investment and enter an amount to be invested and push the JOIN button to enter the Investment.

5. Click on My Packages to confirm that your Investment is added to your account.

Those are the simple steps of making an Investment.
You don't need to do anything else after you successfully purchase an Investment, you will be getting emails automatically from the website every time money is added into your Investment Account which is normally every hour or daily depending on the RIO plan you choose.

You're the investment shall keep running and your money will keep topping up until the end date of the Investment. It never falls down, it always goes up and the market price rate of Bitcoin doesn't affect your Investment when Bitcoin falls or goes up.

If you choose an hourly return plan, top-up comes every hour as you will be getting top-up every hour along with an email from the website admin.
We advise you to go for a Daily Return Packages and top-up comes every day as you will be getting top-up every 24 hours along with an email from the website admin until the Investment Plan ends on the due date.

How to Withdraw;

When your Investment plan ends on the due date, the total amount tops up you receive during the Investment Periods will be credited to your account and it shall show on your available balance for your withdraw.

To withdraw, navigate to withdraw option and click on it, enter the the amount you wish to withdraw from your account and press continue.
Withdraw can be sent to your BTC wallet, your Bank account and Post Office delivery, you must have to contact the admin of Citi BTC Market if you are withdrawing to Bank Account or Receiving your money as a package via Post Office.

*Please Note* I will get 5% off as my cut from the profits you make from my lessons.

I hope my explanation meet your demand and I am waiting to hear from you soon.


Best regards
Sebastian Serge

Use BOTH Bing and Google to search email addresses and phone numbers so you will not get ripped off.

Never use Money Gram, Western Union, Ria to send a fee to strangers. Never buy an i-tunes card, Amazon card steam wallet giftcard(s) or any gift cards to send to scammers.Never use bitcoin and send the wallet / address to scammers. If you do, it is gone for ever. If you must send the money (please do not) When you use money gram, Western Union, the United States is the control of the United States, and even if it is in Africa and you need to transfer to New York. Send the money to a US, UK, Canada, or South Africa bank account only. You could get your money back from below

If you send money to this scammer, please
In the US ...
1.first ... file a police report
2. second ... file a complaint at and include the police report case number near the bottom of the form.
In the UK ...
1.first ... a police report
2. second ... file a complaint at and include the case number of the police report

Peter Johnson

Hello there,

Recently i have seen another new type of scam from this guy, the exact same guy, he is making tinder accounts and trying to persuade people to invest and make an account in that website. So take care of this kind of scam. Fortunately my sister was smart enough not to invest or do any type of business with this guy but be careful. After a simple google search you can clearly find out that all of this is a farce and it's all fake. He can also go a step forward to give you his whatsapp contact so he can persuade you even more.