Secret Society scam


Not all scams are on the internet and I think this one should be given the light of day.

I am not exactly sure where this belongs because there does not seem to be a catagory here.

A few weeks ago, I recieved by snail mail an offer to recieve some free information telling me how I could become richer in life, wealth and love.

The letter was very flattering and stroked my ego as well as a desire to be wealthy and travel the world. This is all by design for you to take the bait.

The offer said that I had to return or fax back a form requesting the free info before that Friday coming up.

With hockey playoffs and the final arrival of some warmer weather for spring, I did not get around to actually reading the information until the Saturday past the deadline. I decided that for the price of a stamp, I would take a chance and send my form in.

I had been specially selected for this honor because I was entering the "second cycle" of my life and can accept the "Secret Society's Inner Secrets" that are over 2300 years old and been used by all the rich and powerful throughout modern history.......Whew! Heady stuff!!

Well, I guess I got lucky and they were not paying attention to the deadline that they had set. I am now a "New Secret Society Member"!

I am now in possesion of my "Secret Society Orientation" booklet and according to the instructions, once I uncover the secret message inside the 5 true stories in the booklet I "will come upon wealth and fame".

Now if I happen to NOT discover the secret message...."you still absorb it when you read your enclosed Secret Society Orientation booklet, and within two weeks, THREE very good things will happen to you involving money, power and love!"

This whole deal is to try and draw you in to buying the 680 page "Inner Secrets Manuscript" for the low, low price of $200.00 USD, L130.00 British Pounds, $270 Australian dollars, $235 Canadian dollars 150 Euro's $345 New Zealand dollars and the best part.....1,680 South African Rand but they only accept cash or credit card if paying by Rand......

This is all very convincing if you have read or seen any DaVinci Code or Angels and Demons books or movies.

Here is where Google becomes your best friend. There is a name in the booklet. "Kirsten Hart" comes up with enough warnings of fraud.

I have the free booklet. I read some....I'll let you know in 3 weeks if I become rich and famous.......





Secrete Societies do not rely on the internet

These Secret Society scams have been around for eons!

There are all kinds of these "Secret Societies". Astara is the name of yet one more.
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Why would you want to do that?


I got this too!

I got the book too, and met the deadline for the fax. Then they wanted 245.00 US Dollars. I corrected my name to a fake name, and guess what, I have been getting so much SCAM mail with that same name from other people. Obviously fake, since thats the only place I have ever used that name.



Got the free booklet last week,found .35 cents on floor, WOW
yup, scam, 307 million people in USA,send out form letters ,they are(notice the spacing for you with short first names?) they probably already made up the cost of the zerox work and some people in india typing the form letter names in for $1 per letter max.
I didn,t bite.
guess im a winner.
Make your own luck, get a job and work hard,and try to lead a good life.
or look for Aladins Lamp, or buy that ocean front property in arizona.

don,t believe in the HOPE and CHANGE either, to many people I know lost jobs ,houses and cars. and these scum pick this time to prey on people.


Secret Society Members

I too got the first letter and held on to it because I was leaving for Mexico a couple days after receiving it. I thought if it was really important they would not care about the deadline.
I sent it in the Mexico mail as I was leaving for the airport November 7, 2009. This week I received my "The Greatest Kept Secret of All Time" with yet another deadline of this Friday (today January 8, 2010).
The booklet mentions Friday was a deadline - no specific date.
Must be every Friday is a magic deadline.

Saving my $139.95 since there is a 34% discount by January 8th.


Strange thing about the Booklet.

I too paid for the postage stamp to have that chance they were claiming. I am not in the financial situation where I could send that kind of money so I am starting cycle 2 without the Manuscript.
What I found so strange as I was reading through the stories was that none of them had to pay anything to receive the manuscript! Enery one of them got it for FREE, because somebody gave it to them.
I mean what the hell, even the guy who was abusing his son got it handed to him! I know I deserve to be in their Secret Society more that he does!

Anyway, I'm in the same boat as Ben, I've read it
Ive absorbed the information and we will see what happens


Ok heres yet another skeptical reciever of the "secret society manuscript" letter and @ first glance it seems 2 me like there only rich cause they send theses letters out and get ppl 2 buy them, my question is w/ everyone on here in disbeliefe has anyone tried? i havn't seen a folow up from anyone.. not that i'm arguing cause 2 goot 2 be true usualy is but still..

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No one tries because most of us probably could care less.


the secret society

I received a letter in the mail a few weeks ago that said I had to mail or fax this form I got. I mailed it back, and I got an orientation booklet. I also read that you have to uncover the message in it by reading the five stories. I also noticed that all the people in the storis got their book free because somebody gave it to them. I'm not sure if I believe it. I read the orientation book thing.Lets see what happens, if anything at all.


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iduff anony

are you guys for real???

if you believe this secret society stuff

I have a genuine gold brick im prepared to let go for a very reasonable price :D

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Learn to follow directions shhhhhhhhh its not to be told

lol at the gold brick for a good price lol.

To all who have read and proceeded with the following, When the time comes and you recieves nothing, then don't blame the society when it stated and told you specifically NOT TO TELL ANYONE THIS IS FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, In order to be apart of any type of society of secrets you must first learn to KEEP A SECRET meaning keep you mouth closed. Now for those who have recieved and reed the idiots here lacking knowledge speaking on which was told not to speak on spoke anyway and they shall not recieve, take heed to their mistakes follow not the way in which leads you away from what is taught.

Society of Secrets The GHOST Master shhhhhhhhhhh they told you never to tell.



My grandma is in psychiatric care because of this BS. That is who this whole scam was targeted at. She has sent thousands of dollars to these types of people, but doesnt tell anyone because she has to keep the "secret." These people should be shot for what they are doing. Wish I knew where all of them were, especially a psychic named Maria. Grrrrrrrrr
When the time comes and you recieves nothing
How are we supposed to know the time has come when we won't receive anything anyways? :p
Let me ask you another question, if the only way too get rewarded is by keeping the secret, why are you talking about the 'secret' on something as public as an internet forum, which everyone in the world can view?:rolleyes: Does that not mean you will not get 'rewarded' either?

Anyway, as you might have guessed, the true reason these people want you to 'keep the secret' is because they don't want anyone to warn you you are getting caught up in a scam.



I received the 'Secret' booklet, not so much for it's purpose, but to see what kind of marketing ploys these people are using. You have to admit, they really work on the human subconscious. Please don't be scammed.

I am very wealthy, recently married to the woman of my dreams, have a 1 year old beautiful baby, and live in a huge house on the water. This was accomplished by working hard and living a good, wholesome life.

That's the route you should take.


don't be a foll to make others rich..

everything is a scam today people..the politics ,banks, insurance companies,religion,utilitiy companies,goverment.if you think that a miracle is gonna come in the mail..and change your finacial situation without you having to work a hard days work, you r only fooling yourshelf....there is nooooooooooooooooooo fast pickme up get rich scheme that will get u rich poor maybe but nooot dont beleave evry thing you read about how rich,famous or a better life you gonna have if you pay such an such amount to these evil people..wake up....


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hi I was reading in here about the scam for the secret society free booklet. I yet have wondered has anyone ever really got the "secret message" hidden in the booklet? I know there are storys in that but no one has said anything about finding a message of any sort enlighten me would be great :cool: