Secret Society scam



I to received the email and send away for the 5 stories. It's been over 3 weeks and I haven't become rich. Actually going the other way. None of there other claims have come true either.

The real secret is to just believe in yourself.


The Secret Message

I have just gotten the Secret Society invitation and 5 stories booklet in the mail after I replied. I think the secret message is that you must create and hold an image in your mind visually (which uses the right side of your brain) that you are special and deserving of all the riches, fame, love, etc that life has to offer. This visual image is white magic which inclines people and even things to help you in your life's endeavors. And so subconsciously the rich and powerfull Illuminiti types in the Secret Society are using this "I am special" thought and image to gain many advantages over the left brained operating people.

Most all celebrities use this same "I am Special" thought or thinking to gain a following, fame, and money. And so whatever your aspirations in life using this right brain image of specialness for yourself can attract people and circumstances to you for your benefit and enhance any natural abilities or desires you have to accomplish. This is also the technique of creative visualization.

The great sorrow is that the Secret Secret Society uses this knowledge to gain material gains and sells this message for profit. Rather it is better for the Illuminiti to give all people the message that they are special and need to use their right brain to contemplate and visualize what they wish to achieve in life. This is the way of the future not the pyramid shaped societies of today of the rich and famous at the top and the masses of other peoples at the bottom.-- J.E. Ante


number one fraud of all time!!!

what the hell kind of a secret society has a phone number you can call with people standing by to answer questions about this so called "life changing manuscript". thats just f**ked up!!
What about the "BIG BOOK"?

Well, my only question is "Has anyone ever gotten a copy of the 1600 page manuscript that is to be sent to you after you pay out the $140?" and if they have "Are you willing to share your story?". I find it very interesting that all of us have received the original booklet as the letter promised - but there has been no one who admits to getting the "BIG BOOK" after paying the money. If you did it then there is no reason to think that anyone on this site is going to laugh at you - this site was created by people who wanted that to end nd who wanted to get the truth out so others didn't lose their money. I am just amazed at the lack of any stories from people who paid the money and got the Big BOOK of SECRETS. There has to be someone out there. Please speak up!!!!

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yeah i got the same thing and i said the same , why did those people get it for free and i have to pay for it. one found it under a bench the other one was given to him by his brother, the man smacking his son up even got it too and so forth ha ha ha so funny it had me going for a sec and they said hidden secret in the first hand book, noooot and swearing on the bible O boy , man i was raised in church thats so messed up but they were right i am gifted full of talent and deff. not stupid cant hustle a hustler. bronx n.y

secret society thing...

I received the package in the mail,figured it's ad junk and did not open it for a few days. Missed the friday response deadline I guess. Finally opened the envelope, found the booklet with the 5 articles and some other stuff.Guess this is a special offer just for me, the price was reduced from $250.00 to merely Can. $200.00 guess I am really special. There were a few othe pieces of printing in the package, one page printed two sides promised a big dick.No kidding. The illustration showed 4 different sizes mini to large the big one about 12 inches..I'm afraid I was so apolled I ripped this page up,should have kept it. In defense of the advertisers I believe it was in a separate envelope marked adult content.
I will reveal a secret here,looking down I can relate to to smaller of the 4 tools described but I can not for the world of me imagine why one of my greatest wishes or desires would be to have a bigger dick...what on earth for,my gadget has given me enough trouble in my lifetime....
Anyway, I must admit I was entertained by the unsolicited mail but sorry, not interested in the 630 page book for $200...

just another Bob


Got the letter today, Google is my friend. I am not going to waste the money on a stamp. Thanks for all your post about this rip off. Sincerly, Just Another Bob


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They still at it

I have been receiving this letter for over a decade. You would think I would've entered and exited my phase 2 long ago. They keep sending me the letter and pamphlet at this point in time the current cost is $139.95...Still holding out for the free manuscript. What do you think...they ever gonna send it for free? I doubt it. But there is no way I am going to pay for it. If you're not convinced about their illegitimacy by now then I sure as heck can sell ya the secrets to how to live forever. Comeon people we all know they are rip-off artists. Why are these people still ripping people off and not in prison?


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The League, huh?

Awww... now I don't feel special any more! It's late 2013, and this letter is still making the rounds. I see other posts here are years old. Funny about that.

For those with time and interest, I offer my full opinion on this letter.

Reading the letter, I was 90% sure it was a scam, but kinda hoped it was genuine. I have been studying secret societies for years, everything from wild Illuminati conspiracies, to official recognized Freemason writings, Rosicrucian mystery school primers intended for initiates only... Everything. I eat it all up. Most are available somewhere without even twisting an arm, much less emptying your bank account... Just gotta know where to look. I know more about secret societies than most of the hacks who make the YouTube videos. Fact and fiction (facts, BTW, are interesting if you are interested already, but less engaging than the fiction would have you believe, mostly dry stuff with heavy grammar). I'm not a member of any SS, but I can tell from reading actual writings that reading the secrets alone won't do you any good. You have to actually be a member of whichever society you are wanting to grow from in order to learn correct application of their secrets. And the secrets, judging from everything I have studied, are very, very real. Some are simple philosophy, some are hidden histories and scriptures, some... well, you'd call me crazy if I told you.

I knew right away the letter was not Illuminati. By the third page, I knew it wasn't Skull & Bones or Freemasons. By the end, (my letter was 10 pages) I figured, if legit, it could only be CFR or FRC. That's Council on Foreign Relations HQ'ed in NYC, and I am in NYC almost every day (and I am very politically minded and unabashedly vocal of my views, so not too much a stretch to be possible) or Fraternity of the Rosy Cross, AKA Rosicrucians, which have been known to recruit people by mail in the past. As a matter of fact, based on every thing I know, even after reading all of these posts identifying it as a scam, I think it is possible it could be the FRC. FRC is NOT to be entered into lightly. Even the founder of the Illuminati (A.W.) was shocked and repulsed by the FRC when they tried to recruit him! They do have the most outrageous lesson in the first level of their teachings. I'm not even going to mention it here because it shocked the crap out of me when I read it. But no one else even comes close in their first degree teachings. If this is FRC, I want no part of it.

All that having been said, supposedly, there are these 5 testimonials, with “secrets†hidden inside. I find this plausible. I'd like very much to read them and see how much I can extract based on what I know.
Then, there is supposedly a $140 book you are supposed to want to buy. Some places are saying it is 1600 pages, others say 2300 pages. All old Greek text.

Point to possibility: Could be recovered writings of Greek mathematician Pythagoras, supposed “father of the Secret Society†(depending on which history you read). His writings were supposedly burned (along with ol' Py himself,) by someone he refused to teach. Now all that officially remains of his immense genius is a2+b2=c2 (Pythagorean Theorem).

Point to contrary: How influential can this “League†be if no one who has gotten the little 5 testimonials book has been compelled to buy the big book?


Additionally, the secrets promised in the letter are, in real secret societies, fringe benefits. Personal growth is encouraged to be the initiate's primary goal- and financial wealth and influence (not “powerâ€) being a desirable, but non-prioritized side-effect. This letter implies the same thing, but still leans on material wealth, power and even sex to entice. Going back to CFR or FRC here....

Would it be worth the $140? Assuming the book is real, actual old Greek secrets, then I'd say yes and no. Yes, because the membership dues for Freemasons, the one this “league†is co-opting, would run thousands of dollars over several years to advance though all 90 (+,-) degrees (3 Blue Lodge, 29 Scottish Rite plus 1 Invite only, plus 10 official and tons of unofficial degrees in the “Red Lodge†aka York Rite aka American Rite. Yeah, as long as they give you the book they promise and don't rip you off for more, it's a bargain. But, there also has to be the actual Secret Society to "put it all together" If there is, count on paying dues to join. That's not a scam, all of them have dues.

My final conclusion... 50% sure it's a scam, 40% sure that it is a real offer that could prove to be a waste of money but nothing more, 9% leaning to Rosicrucian, 1% thinking CFR. Maybe less than 1%.
100% sure that “Billâ€, the writer of the letter, was NOT Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton would never contact me.

Oh, wait! How could I have forgotten... the O.T.O and Golden Dawn! LOL It could very easily be one of these two very real, very secret, very dangerous fraternities also. Yeah. They are about wealth, power, and sex right up front. They also openly worship Lucifer. I could say more, but it might scare you. This is all right up their alley. With that in mind, maybe it was Bill Clinton after all! I'd prefer this to be a scam over being FRC, OTO, or Golden Dawn.

I'd have to know more about the others who are contacted in order to be sure without getting any further correspondence from the league. But, I'm not gonna pry. You know, like they admit to doing.

Any questions? I got answers. And apparently, time.

BTW, On a side note, this letter came to me the day after I finished the Illuminatus! trilogy for the 5th time. LOL 5th time! If you have read it, you know why this coincidence is especially hilarious! Synchronicity! What are those odds? It is actually part of why I had 10% hold out that it was legit! (They really ARE watching me! They chose me! I knew they would!) Also, my “Friday deadline date†was August 23. (I got it today, but a week too late due to P.O. FUBAR). 23 is vital in the book. And in the real world, August 23 was the anniversary of the day “the KLF†(remember them, from the early 90's on MTV?) burned $1 Million British pounds, part of their official ending of their Illuminatus!-laced music careers! So much synchronicity! You have to read the series (and read the KLF lyrics and band history) to fully appreciate it all. HA!

Sorry this was so long. Thanks, if you read it all.


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...I got an orientation booklet. I also read that you have to uncover the message in it by reading the five stories.

Hi, new to this forum, joined for this thread. I posted a lengthy response, above. I don't know if you will even know if I'm posting this response, but I'd like to know if I could get your copy to read, so I don't have to go back through these guys, not knowing who they are. If you read the other post you'll know more about why I'm asking. I think I'd be able to decipher the hidden meanings. I can also let you know what I find if you want. Please let me know. Thanks.


I searched about The LEAGUE

I also got ONE like it from the league. I did not mail it back. I decide to check in the computer about it. Mine was sent bi Power full Mr Bill. They did not disclose the last name. I am Thankful to all have a writeup here.


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Members and guests. Thank you for your posts, but please keep the comments relevant to scams.

Lets not get into long posts about the merits or lack of them regarding the many "secret societies" and their various philosophy's.
The various possible comments on this matter could fill many sites. And is outside of our topics.

Please keep things relevant to scams. Thank you for your understanding.

Omar Jose

I got the same booklet, so did you see any improvement?, please contact me: Omar Vivas