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Thanks to your report I was able to be more careful with who I'm doing business with over the internet. I think I was just contacted by this same person. I am trying to sell some furniture online and was contacted by someone claiming to be interested in buying and said they would be willing to pay by paypal and they had an agent that would come and pick up the furniture once I recieved funds. That didnt sit right with me so I asked a few more questions and wanted to know who was the Agent? Could I have the company name, address & phone number to verify the information. They sent me back the same name of the company you mentioned. I did research and could not find this company anywhere and upon doing my research I came across your posting about this company being a SCAM. Now the person is using the Seun Wall. Emaill addresses is Seun Wall <> & Seun Wall <>

Transport Company (PAWS EXPRESS)

Address: Abraham Anibaba
Paws Express, #112,
Victoria Island, Speke,
Lagos, 23401
Tel: +2347043104998


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Seun Wall is a scammer

Oh wow. Thanks for posting that. I just listed some furniture online yesterday and have been corresponding with the same person that calls themselves Seun Wall. In the last email, he kept referring to an agent that would come pick up the item after he sent payment to my paypal and he would also make another payment for the agent and additional charges. The last part got me suspicious because people normally try to get out of giving you more money. They don't tell you they want to give you more than you asked.

I just sent an email asking him about this agent of his and haven't received a reply yet. I found it odd when I asked for his location and he never answered my question. This is when I decided to google the name and this page came up. I normally wouldn't bother writing on a forum but since this information has helped me so much, I want to pass on the torch. This person is also using <> and <> as his emails. Name used is Seun Wall.

I'm glad I found this page rather than waste anymore time on this scammer.


same thing

I just got the same email... [] but under the name Jim Hike. The email was very bad english.

"Thank for your mail. will offer you $2000 for the item, then i will be paying you with my credit card via my PayPal account,If my offer is accepted send me your PayPal email including your phone# and send me more pics of this item if available since i would not be seen it in person so i can pay it right away I am a busy at work and do not have much time around me.Make sure you get back to me so that we can arrange for pick up as i will like the item to be picked at your
residence,so no shipping"


Glad i researched this... Beware.


me too

just tried to buy furniture from em off of Craigslist!!! searched his email address online..thought it was fishy. Same M.O.
Thanks for this thread!!

war on scamers

Just having communications with this scammer. Thanks for the heads up.


Today i was contacted by the same person via email who wanted to purchase a vehicle that i am selling,he only wanted to pay via pay-pal and said that he would have he`s couriers pick item up once i had received full payment,as he was too busy to come himself and was happy to cover any extra charges for this transaction that occurred as he was paying full amount via pay-pal. i thought nothing of it at the time and was emailing this person confirming payment amount i asked him for a contact number and used the excuse that reception is bad and hard to find coverage where he is.thinking this was odd and too good to be true i goggled he`s name and it appeared he is a well known scammer.i sent my last email saying i had found out that he is a fraud and not heard from him since.

Be aware of this person and be alert when selling items.

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Jim Hike Scammer

Thanks for posting these messages online as I just had the same experience. Same routine selling furniture, paypal account and a courier to pick up the furniture. Used the same name and email. Saved me lots of headsaches I am sure. Appreciate you all.


Kim Wall

Same email just contacted me about my Harley I'm selling. Said that he was in the military and the only contact to the outside world was via Internet so he had to use PayPal. This is happening more and more ( 3 times in the last 2 days)