Sgt. Debora Hester, in France


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From military scam to compensation scam (see

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From: Deborah Hester <>
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2018
Subject: My good friend,good News to you.

My good friend,good News to you.

How are you doing today? I hope you are in good health? If so,thanks be to God who made it possible. Dear i am writing to you today with much joy and excitement, after this long period of time with no communication. I thank God who protect me in and my military at war zone, My purpose of writing to you today is to notify you of my Consignment trunk box successfully delivery with assistance of a partner from Africa Senegal who live in Paris France he is a successful business man, I am presently in France for view our investment project, after which i will go back to United State where i am currently stay as retired army officer Administration.

Meanwhile i did not forget all your past efforts and curiosity to make sure you assist me in receiving the trunk box,which unfortunately failed for reasons best known to God. So i have decided to show you my appreciation by living behind a sum amount US$350,000.00, in bank of Africa Senegal because i didn't have your bank account, So i plead with you to accept the little offer from me, Just contact this prevailing corporate authority Bank of Africa Senegal they will transfer the money to you,here are the bank contact, and I want you to make immediate contact them because I have already inform the bank about you when i went to Senegal with my partner to his home town and your name deposit in the account.

Director Manager; Mr Abdul N. Sow
The Amount; US$350,000.00
Email; (
Tel: +221 7055 00266
Head office; United Bank of Africa
Address; Km 5 Avenue Cheikh Anta Diop.Dakar Senegal.

I am currently very busy here in France with investment project which am working very hard to establish. So i would like you to understand with me, encase i did not get back to you anytime you write to me because am busy. I barely have time for myself, talk more having time to check my mails, but i will try my best to keep in touch with you. So do not fail to notify me as soon as you receive the money from bank So that we could celebrate to success and long lasting relationship, for i believe that the future has something amazing and a special place for us. Anyways i will stop here, but will be looking forward to read from you as soon as you receive the money from bank. Thanks and have a nice day.

My best Regards.
Sgt. Debora Hester.