Sgt Guardlen Maris Bookey, US Military nurse

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Date: Tue, 27 Oct 2020

Hi dear

Thank you very much for your response, I am very interested to know more about you before we can go into details, I have a large confidential offer that I will be happy to share with you in the next message as soon as I receive your response.

My names are Guardlen M. Bookey, US Military Nurse, please tell me your name and nationality for more details.

stay safe and I want to read from you as soon as you received my message.
Sergeant Guardlen M. Bookey


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Passport: USA

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From: guardlen maris bookey <>
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2020

Hello Dear.

Thanks for your response, and is my hope you and your family where in good health this period?, let me be formal to you once again, my names are GUARDLEN MARIS BOOKEY, am 33 years old, a US national, and military nurse, working with United Nation, currently in Afghanistan on UN peacekeeping mission.

Am a single mother, my husband Hilton Bookey Woff, he was also US military, died 11/07/2013 during the Syria civil war, my daughter Sydney Hilton Bookey, is now 7 years old, and she is in UN academy Texas, My mail might look surprised but is all about me, status, wages of life and my plans.

Please this is my reason of contacting you in your email, and for a more private reason i wish us to chart here for security purpose because most time the U.N officials do check our communication in social media,

Please, dear. i know quite well, that we have never mate in person anywhere before, but from the time i wrote you, i have the feeling to deal with you in direction's of my spirit and feelings, i want to quit my job and i want it to be between you i and my daughter, I want to quit because of my daughter, she is not comfortable with my job, and God so kind to me, i have some money in my possession, and i need a faithful, God-fearing and honest partner to embark my plans with.

A few months ago before the roudder outbreak of the covid19 world pandemic, our soldier had encountered and exchanged gun bullets with some terrors gunmen, eventually, three of our soldiers injured before we could take full control and defeated them, as a nurse in the army, i went with my group to give aid to our troop who sustained some injuries, in one of the terror's mood house in the desert, i saw a big truck in 3 separate stands, and i showed it to my fellow soldiers, which we force open the boxes. behold is money in dollars and we believe the money is made for them to buy more weapons for terrorizing by their sponsors.

Among 31 members present in the assignment, agreed and decided to share the money among our-self, and my share is $3,906,000.00 (Three Million Nine Hundred And Six Thousand United State Dollars,) please i need your honest word, to help me invest this money in any good business in your country, as i will relocate with my daughter to meet you in your country to start a new life not as a soldier any more so that i can bring my daughter up in close watch, please this deal is between you and i, there must not be any third party for my security, because i know the rules of my job, and if you are not willing to help me, please tell me with open heart, and never have anything negative to against me, I am honest to you and i pray that the spirit of God will work in both of us to understand each other.

I will give out 30% of the money to you for your help, and then the 70% will stand for my investment capital plan on any business you can help me to run, please reply to me urgently if you can help me honestly.

Thanks and God bless us.

Sgt Guardlen Maris Bookey.

The Doctor

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From: guardlen maris bookey <>
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2020

Hello dear.

Am writing to you with lots of thanks, For your understanding and willingness to help me receive this Fund, I am so happy I must confess I am really putting a hopeful mind in achieving a new life with my daughter in your country, through your help . All I need is your honest heart to help me and partner with me also when we start achieving our goals towards our plans, let's remain faithful friends and partners in a very unique understanding. i will reside in your country legally through their due process when i come over.

Quickly send to me your information as listed below to enable me go through registering the parcel with your details as the rightful person to receive the shipment, i will make use of a high guarantee registered courier/ diplomatic company to handle the delivery to your address provided and detailed information. i am counting on your worthiness in receiving and safe keeping this money till i come over to meet with you.
Send to me as listed information below

1) Your FULL NAME:.........................
2) Your COUNTRY:.......................
3) Your ADDRESS, TO RECEIVE THE SHIPMENT: ..........................
4) Your CITY........................
5) Your OCCUPATION ....................
6) Your PHONE NUMBER:........................
7) Your NEAREST AIRPORT..........................

Sgt Guadlen Maris Bookey.

Aura medina

Hi Dear,
I' am very glad to read from you again, I would like to be more formal to you, so you may understand me more beyond my past message.

My name is Guardlen Maris Bookey, an American nationality, I am 33 years old, a single mother of a beautiful baby girl, 7 years old.

I am USA military nurse, working with the UN, currently in Kabul Afghanistan on a peacekeeping mission since 2018. I am a peaceful woman with a great sense of humor, i will be happy to know more in detail about you, Reason is that I am about to put in your hand a great trust that I can proudly say is a channel for my future and that of my daughter. I hope to establish a great faithful friendship foundation that will add value to our relationship.

I have only one question, though my spirit is very strong, and really accept to create this friendship value with you, but let me still ask you this, can I trust you in this whole process till a successful end till i come over to meet with you?

Always know that here a lot of monitoring devices were activated for security guide over our LinkedIn and out, otherwise I would love to talk to you through a phone video call, but we are restricted through the various devices here in the military camp and our social media accounts are under a watch list by the UN official's their various platform teams. Therefore, we must be constant here on mail for more correspondence This is my reason for contacting you, please listen to me very well.

Seven (7) months ago, two of the UN military journalists here in the Kabul military camp were missing, after their outreach for update research, and was shown on Television scan to Kabul television transmission, declared a hostage under the custody of some ISIS terrorists. And a call for an urgent rescue mission by the joint UN military force was made. A location was traced through our air indicator military force, and we were prepared to embark on the mission to rescue the two (2) journalists. This was in the north east of the country desert, a far and very lonely place.

Our military aircraft arrived with its attack, and the troops on the land also arrived, it was a war in the very first 40 minutes between the military and the terrorist group, fortunate to us, we was able to overpower them, but very unfortunate to us, one of the journalist was dead, that was the result of their treat on them with sharp object to give them a link to attack the military base since they has all information, and promise to pay them 20 million dollars each, according to the journalist we rescued alive. Some of the terrorists fled away and some were shot to death during the minutes of gun bullet exchange between them and the troops of the soldier.

When we matched into the major base, it was really a bad zone with lots of dangerous weapons, in one of their small houses, we found a 3-standing refrigerator, when we force open the very first one, it was money in dollars, and we open the remaining 2 and all is filled with money in dollars.

We believe this money is from there sponsor donors for more weapon for terrorism, we carefully loaded out the money and count as it was put on raps in 10,000 each rap. And after counting it, it was 100 million dollars, we are 31-member present in the mission, some of our team members sustained injuries and I was given aid treatment with my two other male nurses.

At that point we agreed to share the money among ourselves, as the top official of the UN was not with us, we did so, and I received 3,225,800 dollars as my personal share out of the money ( three million two hundred and twenty-five thousand eight hundred United state dollars ). I want to start a new life anywhere outside America, i want to invest this money in any good profitable venture (Business) through you, because I had no business knowledge before, and I grew up in the military field till today.

Please i need your honest help, because there is already a notice to us that a group of troops will be moved to Somalia and some to Syria, and the plans was on going before the outbreak of the pandemic, coronavirus.(covid19) and i was among the troop to move to Syria,

I already kept this money with Fast-link Global shipping company, i will be happy to have your honest promise to help me receive this money from the courier company fast-link global, if you can give me your word, i will make a good shipping deal with the company to bring the money to you in your country as a diplomatic luggage, Because i registered it already as a family valuable during the depositing period with the company for security reasons.

This is 100% risk free, all i need from you is your honest and top secret of this information, i will give to you 30% of the total amount of 3,225,800 dollars for your assistance to help me receive this money, while 70% will remain my investment capital to any good business you can guide me on.

Please in an honest response, can you help me receive this money and safely keep it for me till i come over to your country for the investment?

Sgt. Guardlen Maris Bookey.


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