Sgt. Precious Weber


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Date: Mon, 5 Jul 2021

Good Day How are you doing?

Peace be with you, I'm glad to read from you, I have the believe as i promise you right now saying (In the name of God) that this communication will later be a testimony in our life. Though we just known each other through the internet which is now an unsecured means of communication,Well, l think l should tell you little about myself.My name is Sergeant Precious Weber, I’m from New York city USA . My Father’s name is Weber Anthony and my mother Mary , My father was an Electro Chemical Engineer, Working for Mobil Oil, as Plant supervisor. I lost my parents in a plane crash when I was in military Academy I was only 12 years of age it was a very tragic experience to the family being the only child of my parents. After two years of my parents death, then i became 14 years old, life was not easy for me again due to my uncle's attitude on me was uncomfortable to acquire all my late father's Properties and all he has invested. I’m single I have never been married before.I’m 31 years, I am a soldier working as a United Nations peacekeeping troop in Libya, on war against terrorism. I know my messages came to you as a surprise but I want you to understand the situation of things with me here in Camp. My Hobbies are reading, watching TV, listening to music ,Sport, Swimming, Traveling , I'm a Christian. I want to know more about you, are you married, how old are you, what's your job and your country. What are your Hobbies,Religious beliefs and Plans for the future...? Here are some of my pictures, I will stop here to hear from you soon .
Best Regard

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