Sgt Rose Mariam, USA military nurse


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Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2019
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Dear Friend,

My name is Sgt Rose Mariam am single 36 years USA military Nurse was born in North Carolina Greensboro USA, Can i trust you ? I got your mail on data base when searching for real trusted some one i can share a business ideal with, which can change our life if only we can build trust no matter the distance and also promise never to let each other down i worked for United nation during Kabul Afghanistan for peace keeping war I am a member of the US Army in Afghanistan. I am responsible for casualty internship in the camp. During War Terrorist Attack there . and i am very honest woman when we have this business done we share it 50% 50% am not greedy woman but due to my position i can not handle the business that is why i needed help and trusted someone.

Thanks and be bless i will give you more detail on my next mail if you reply me on my private mail....... ( Or Text Me ... (325) 701-5804 )

Sgt Rose Mariam