Sgt Stephanie Anderson, UN troop in Afghanistan

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Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2018
Subject: Hi

I'm Sgt.Stephanie Anderson, I'm a military officer working as United Nations peace keeping troop in Afghanistan,on a fight against Terrorism. I have in my possession a substantial amount of $8.5 Million USD with 10 KG of Gold dust Which i made here in Afghanistan, I deposited this money and the gold with a Red Cross agent. I want you to stand as my beneficiary and receive the fund and keep it safe so that as soon as am through with my mission here in Afghanistan,you will assist me to invest it in a profitable good venture. I will give you 50% of the sum for your assistance after you have receive the fund. Reply back to me if you are willing and interested to assist me so that i can forward you information where the money is been deposited. Please reply through my email address at ( I wait your prompt reply.

Yours Sincerely
Sgt.Stephanie Anderson .