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PayPal Phishers seem to have a new Game

Hey there ,

I am fairly new to this as I have never been scammed or have ever got close to being scammed before today.
I have an AD on selling an item, and yesterday Dec29th I received a casual email from a "" asking how much I am selling for, after a few seemingly normal emails inquiring about the item today she continued to send me an email requesting she transfer the money to my PayPal account.

I took a closer look at her email and noticed it had changed from "" to " "
I proceeded to read her email and still thinking Its pretty legit (it being PayPal and all) I told her I would like to proceed with the transaction asking her where she would like the item shipped or if she will be picking up herself.

I then received an email from " on behalf of® " stating I have received an instant transfer from "Sharon" for double what I am asking for the Item she is inquiring about.

I emailed her back asking where her location was and why the extra money. Immediately I received yet another email from "PayPal" stating instructions to take $1000.00 (Of my own cash) and western union it to the following address:

T&D Transportation
Kingsley Mathew,
Berkeley Tower, 48 Westferry Circus
London, E14 8RP
United Kingdom

Then once this money gets to her "Shipping Agent" PayPal will then release the money into my PayPal account and the transaction will be complete. (The extra dough was apparently for shipping)

as you might imagine I was very suspicious so I emailed her again, asking why she is purchasing an item from Canada, and stating I was getting a little to suspicious to continue the transaction.

She then emailed me back and was frustrated making threats that if i did not send the money via western union to the given address Legal Action will be taken with PayPal,FBI & RCMP. I responded one last time letting her no there was no transfer and there was no transaction and her problem (if she was real, or any of it was real) was with PayPal and not me as i did not accept any kind of payment or transfer. I then proceeded to tell her how ashamed she should be of herself.

I did a little research and found somewhat similar stories but nothing quite like this.

if anyone has had a similar experience I would love to hear your feed back. This is a first for me, and I could have very easily fell victim to a very dirty scam.


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Yes it is a variation on the overpayment scam. So it appears. There is no good reason to overpay for something. And the legal threats are the bluff and bluster of a criminal who has lost a victim. They can be ignored. And deleted. This is good time to stop wasting time with these people.


PayPal Fraud

Received the same :


You have received a PayPal Payment of CAD $ 6,250.00 from Alicia Reynolds ( We've placed a temporary hold on the funds of this transaction As mentioned in the receipt of Payment and as per New PayPal Payment policy, we have fully debited the total amount (above) from the buyer's account which included the Transport/Delivery Charges (Courier Exchange Logistics).

In order to complete this transaction and get the funds approved in your account. We advice you go to the nearest Western Union Office, and send the excess sum of CAD $ 1,500.00 to the Transport Agent and send us a Scanned Copy/Photograph of your Western Union Transaction Receipt (in .JPG Format).

NOTE: This is important as a security measure to ensure safety of this transaction.

Please, find below the name and address of the Transport Agent where the Funds would be sent via Western Union Money Transfer.

Click Here Locate Nearest Western Union Office

Transport Company: " N&D Transportation Inc "

Receiver's Name & Address:
Kingsley Mathew,
Berkeley Tower, 48 Westferry Circus
London, E14 8RP
United Kingdom

Address Status:


The person in the above post is trying to do the same thing to me as we speak. I keep stringing her along, and would like to notify the authorites or somehow burn her/him. Who should i contact.


I am emailing this scam artist also

This person is trying to PURCHASE an item from me on Kijiji also. She says she will buy my item for the price suggested and have her shipping agent contact me. Should I contact Kijiji or Paypal?