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Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2008
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Subject: Re: Resume:

Dear Marie

Upon review of your questionnaire, we consider you a strong candidate for
the job position of personal shopper.

Working Process brief description:

1. You will get a full name of the item and where you can buy the goods. (It can be an online store or a usual shop in your county)

2. As soon as you`ve bought a correct item, you need to inform us about it. (Buying something from a store, you need to pick a fastest delivery method they offer) Please don`t forget to send us a copy of the order confirmation or invoice from a store where you have placed an order.

3. We will send a deposit on your credit card to pay for a purchase. (Total order value XXX + $80 for postal fees + 5% from the total order amount, which is your commission)

4. As soon as deposit will appear on your credit card, you are shipping the parcel to a correct recipient. (Normally your card will be funded within 2-3 days)

5. Just a few days before the shipping of the parcel, you will get an invoice from our company. The invoice from a store must be removed from a box and saved in your folder at home. Every 2 months we will request all invoices to be represented for us.

6. In USPS you need to fill in full receivers address and choose a correct shipping option. Please send everything as a gift ($200 - $250 value of the package) (It will save some money for us and our clients as well)

7. If the shipping has been completed successfully, you will get a tracking number. All tracking numbers you must provide to us asap.

Is it OK for you?