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Subject: I need to know your aim towards my life...
Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2014

Hello my dearest,

with regard and my compliments, how is life treating you this day, i hope you are enjoying the atmosphere of today, thank God. Honey, i have had what you said, and i have also attached the pictures which you requested. But honey, i have not really know where your love and plans for my life. Because since i told you all about my condition here, you have never care to know whether i eat or not. If really you love and care for me, you will surely think for me. So let me know your plan and purpose towards my life ok. Well below is my words of love to you.

Honey, i love you, i love you with all my heart. I feel so sad when we are apart. I dream about you all night and day. I just can't wait till you're mine to stay. When we are apart, you are always on my mind , always in my heart. Dear,thinking of you is easy i do it everyday, missing you is the heartache, that never goes away in my mind since i contacted you. Honey, hope you will always treat me well when we meet because life is for living i live mine for you. Love is for giving, i give mine to you. Hearts are for beating, mine beats for you. Dreams are full of meaning, mine are full of you waiting for my freedom here in the camp to spend the rest of my life with you over there and If i could save time in a bottle,the first thing that i would like to do is to save every day till eternity passes away, just to spend them with you. Honey, in my heart, i keep the sparkle of your eyes through the mails and promises you are making to me, the tender warmth of your smile and i dream of holding you close, caring for you, protecting you and loving you always. I want to be the one who dries your tears. I want to be the one who calms your fears. I want to be the one who helps carry your load. I want to be the one who knows your secret code. I want to be the one who holds you tight. I want to be the one who kisses you goodnight. I want to be the one you love.

With regard,