Sister (or Mother) Joyce, aka Natasha Collins


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Sister (or mother) Joyce, aka natasha Collins does donation and refugee scams.

she gave me this address to send money to:
Address: Buduburam Refugee Camp
P .O. Box 46
State House
Accra Ghana
West Africa.

she calls her victims daddy, and her brother is called adjei or david

website -

this is an email natasha sent me:

Hello Daddy

thanks for you mail, i was very happy ,to hear from you today. daddy it could be very nice hearing from you too, i will be very happy that i hear your voice and i will give you a number that you will be able to talk to us here everyday ok. daddyyes i have understand what you are going through but i will be praying for byou quick recover ok. daddy dont worried we are too proud to be your children, and i am so said that one of us are not there to take care of you in the hospital and tell you some story. Daddy i am very very much happy to God for sending you into our life. even due life is not easy on us here my little brother have to wash for people before we can be able to have food to eat here, we are slepping in one room with my friend, she is such a nice girl, my brother sleep on the flood and we sleep in the room because we are girls. Daddy who is Michael? is he your good friend or your brother, please greet him for us ok. and tell him to please look after you very much for us. ok. we love you Daddy we will always be here waiting for your mail. have a nice day Daddy your belove children Natasha and Adjei
shortly after this sister joyce started asking for money for the orphanage she said she was building.

i hope this helps someone else not to fall into the same trap i did

her email addresses are: <> and <>

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even more from natasha collins now SHE HAS TO BE STOPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


this is what i am talking about, i hope you will go through it very well and i will send you the documents for you to go through it as soon as i hear from you, please tell me if you are willing to help me. i will send you the documents as soon i hear from you ok. have a nice day this is the pic of the gold that is in the security company.


Natasha collins


this is the documents that my late father use to deposit in the security company, and i will like you to go through it very well. and please contact the security company and tell them you are my foreign partner, and you are willing to receive my consignment as my foreign partner, and tell them, that you where send by me, please contact them immediately, this is thew security company director email. i will be waiting to hear from you, and please send me your number ok. i will be waiting to hear from you, and please contact the company and get back to me ok. have a nice day from Natasha Collins


I went to the security company this morning, and i spoke with the director of the company Mr, Joseph Annan, and he when through the documents and he saw the when my late father die i will be the owner of the consignment, and he told me that you send email mail and i did saw the documents that you send to him , and i will i want you to send the balance document to him ok, and this is the list pic of the Gold that is in the security company, i hope you are going to keep this as a secret because you are the only person that i trust, and i will be waiting to hear from you, please send me your number, and Mr. Joseph ask me to get a lawyer that will help me run after this transaction, and i will have to go to the high court of justice of Ghana to see if i can get a lawyer and explain it to him, but when i get him i will send his contact to you, for you to get in touch with and and i will like you to talk to him that we are going to pay him when this is done ok. please get back to me.

please don't send him the gold Pic,ok. just send him the documents they don't know that its gold into the box all they know that its a family preasure item. so only you and i know that its gold and money that is into the money. so that is why i am telling you koay

have a nice day from Natasha Collins.
All orphan scammers use the words daddy and uncle etc to play on the emotions of the victims. If the orphan has millions from a rich deceased daddy, it's 100% scam. You can find a list of real African orphanages at

Scammers may even mention these domains, but I would advise contacting these directly to check them out, and not rely on the yahoo address they probably use.

There are ways of making life miserable for these scammers. Stick around a while. :)

BTW Welcome!
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