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Berlin, Deutschland
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XXXXX— 22:33
Good evening, the later the better...I just came over your profile, interesting, do you live in Berlin too? Would be nice to meet you there one day. I hope you are doing well, I am fine, cause now spring is coming, so-called spring-feelings......? Do you speak German too, Deutsch? Would be nice to hear from you .....Till soon, have a good night rest!


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(smithdo smithfine – UK – no avatar)
(smithdosmithare – moski 51 – Bucaresti – Romania – 237 Obiskovalci – smith 12 smith12 – 27.03.1962 Bucaresti - Romana)
(Smith 54 – Male, 51, UK
„I am also I believe and I believe in true love and that is why I am undisturbed by what other people may think or do. I know there is a right companion out there for me who will complete me and who will find completeness in me. If that woman is you hey drop a line and I will answer.
(Smith Smith – 27.03.1962 – London UK – Native language English)

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Perhaps a swedish scammer?

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IP address - Sonatel - Dakar - Senegal

Fri, Apr 12, 2013 at 7:55 PM
FROM <> TO You
From Smith
Hello XXXX,

Thanks for your prompt reply and your beautiful pictures,the weather is
still cold and always raining here,let me give you a short introduction
about myself. My name is Smith 52 years old widow,i am an engineer on
stations and maritime platforms My father was a Mexican while my mum
was a British,i was born and brought
up in Mexico but i relocated to the UK recently. I am the only child of
my parents,i lost my father 10 years ago and i also lost my mum 5 years
ago,it's really a sad experience to lose our beloved ones. I have a
wonderful daughter Stacy whom i call little angel my beloved wife died
of cancer 2 years ago,She was fighting on it for more than 4years but
she lose the battle it was really a sad experience to me.

I am looking for someone that is not only beautiful outside but inside
too, someone with great personality, someone that will be there for me
when I need her, like I will be there for her too. Someone I will share
the rest of my life with. I am very loving, caring, Understanding,
Romantic, Honest and Kind. I am looking for a long-term relationship
and maybe more in to marriage. Please tell me about yourself.My picture
enclose.Looking forward to
your mail.

Mobile number. +447035928405

A British follow me number!

Sapphire's Strike

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Smithsee aka Mr. Robert Hilson +447035928405 -

Mobile number. +447035928405
A British follow me number!
Dear Friend,

I am Mr. Robert Hilson, I am a Citizen of United Kingdom but base in United States of America, i am 59 years Old.

I want to share my experience with you and i know you will also achieve enough from my experience, i am one of those that executed a CONTRACT in Benin Republic some years ago and they refused to pay me, I had paid over $250,000.00USD trying to get my payment all to no avail.

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If you have been paying any money to anybody before, i will advise you to stop it now, because that is how i was paying some people in Nigeria, Ghana and Burkinafaso before, thinking that they are the right people to help me to get my funds release, but they only scammed $250,000.00USD out of me, but today i am very happy that i found the good man which is Barrister Durand Blunt whom assisted me to claim the funds successfully from the paying bank to my account.

Below is the contact of Barrister Durand Blunt.

Name: Mr. Durand Blunt Jr (Barrister)
OFFICE ADDRESS: Jalan Bukit Gambir Bayanute Lepas, Pulau Ptinarng, Benin Republic.
E-mail: []
Te: +229-98-91-48-72

Quickly get intouch with the lawyer on his contact above, i am very sure that he will render you a good service too to claim your funds from the paying bank, he is a good man and he will give you all the necessary information you will need to claim the funds successfully from the paying bank, and make sure you don't communicate with anybody again but the person above alone, i don't want you to be dealing with those liars that will be turning you around asking you for different kind of money to complete your transfer, it is only Barrister Durand Blunt that can give you the right steps to follow and your funds would be release to your account.

Best Regards
Mr. Robert Hilson
My email is
My number is +447035928405