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Hello My Dear
How is everything? i know it's all good .i am excited to read from you today.My dear as i told you in my last mail ,My name is Sophie Lamine, an Ivorian in West Africa.Presently I am residing in the refugee camp here in Dakar Senegal,as a result of the Civil war going on in my country .I am a beautifully loving young girl of 24 years ,about 5'8" tall .Slim fit ,weighing about 61 kg.My father Dr Lamine Alain was a successful business man,he deals on Gold and Diamond before the rebels attacked our house one evening and kill him with my mother and my only brother .I'm the only one alive from the family.By the grace of God I made my way to a near by country where I'm presently living as a refugee.My dear,I come in this site search for love and care which I have not gotten for a very long time since I lost my family members.I here by believe that time to come you will be my side and i will show you unreserved love respect through out my time.Dear ,I want to
know more about you,your real name,Your real country,Your occupation,your age your hobbies and what you are doing presently .My hobbies are swimming ,dancing,singing,reading,watching movies and discussing politics .I have attached my pictures. In my next mail I will tell you more about my self.I waiting to your lovely reply with impatience.
Yours Lovely Sophie.