South Africa: Scam Victim Is Rescued

419 scam victim rescued

September 24 2008 at 04:30PM

Two Nigerian men were arrested and the Swedish man they allegedly kidnapped was rescue unharmed in Johannesburg, police said on Wednesday.

Kenth Sadaaki Suzuki was apparently lured to South Africa by a group of Nigerians after he fell for the so-called 419 scam, police spokesperson senior Superintendent Vishnu Naidoo said.

The victim was made to believe he would be part of an investment opportunity with a company known as Jeffdon Properties.

"The men met their victim at 8am on Wednesday at the OR Tambo International Airport and transported him to a house in Rosettenville where they robbed him of all his belongings.

"They bound his hands and legs and held him against his will for the entire day."

Naidoo said the men then demanded a ransom of 20 000 euros (about R235 000) from his wife and family.

Head of the police's detective services Commissioner Rayman Lalla got a call from Sweden about the matter and jumped into action.

The perpetrators were tracked down and arrested and Suzuki was rescued unharmed.

The two had been linked to three other cases in which they allegedly kidnapped Americans as part of the same scam.

"They are also being investigated for their possible involvement in other cases."

The two would appear in the Kempton Park magistrate's court on charges of kidnapping, extortion, intimidation and assault on Monday. - Sapa

De Master Yoda

Meeting the scammers.

@Wellington, Thanks for this post. it should stand as a warning to anyone who is thinking about traveling to meet the scammers.
I am glad the victim was found before anything worse was done to him!

People please Remember, these scammers are criminals and some have no hesitation in hurting or even killing their victims for money!

If anyone is thinking of traveling overseas to collect their "Winnings'

My wife is a baiter! Another victim saved!!!

Another victim was rescued today as well! My wife works for an airline as a ticket agent in an airport. A man came in today to purchase a ticket to Belgium. He told my wife he was going there in order to pick up his lottery winnings and showed her a notice of his winnings on a paper that was sent to him from the scammer in Belgium. The man seemed like he was not very intelligent and shared that he worked as a janitor. My wife and a couple of other agents brought the man in the back work room and Googled the name of the scammer. Up came links to baiting sites and showed various scams the name was connected to. They felt bad telling the man he was involved in a scam but saved him from a trip that would not ended well for him. BTW the ticket would have cost him over four thousand dollars.
My wife only knows about baiting from the time I spend on the computer and some stories I have told her. Now, she knows the satisfaction we get from helping a victim.

The scammers name is Mr. Molemans Van Winski email addy

De Master Yoda

My wife is a baiter! Another victim saved!!!

Fantastic news, well done to your wife and the people who work for the airlines.
Not only was the victim saved from giving money to the scammers but also the four thousand dollars, And possible injury by the scammers!

Please pass along our thanks, as well as our admiration for a job well done! for people who are not involved with anti -fraud work this was an outstanding achievement.

Nice one :hail: :spudnikbackflip:

De Master Yoda

Elite cops swoop on 419 scammers

Maybe three good endings now? :cool:

28 September 2008. From:The Star.
Police arrested seven suspects in the early hours of Sunday morning in connection with the kidnapping of a Japanese businessman in a 419 scam.

The six men and a woman, aged between 28 and 34 years, were directly linked with the two 419 syndicate members arrested on Tuesday last week after kidnapping a Swedish national and attempting to extort ransom from his family, said Director Sally de Beer.

Six of the suspects were Nigerian citizens and one a South African.

In the latest incident, the Japanese national, Osamai Hitomi, 47, was lured to the country under the false impression that he would be engaged in an investment opportunity with a company by the name of Jeffdon Properties.

"Once he arrived in the country on Friday 26 September and met with the syndicate members he was kidnapped and held hostage in a house in Alberton. His family was contacted and a ransom of $5-million was demanded," said De Beer.

The police were alerted and a team made up of members of the Johannesburg Organised Crime Unit, the Gauteng Crime Management Centre and the Head Office Crime Intelligence Division, immediately began tracking the victim and the suspects.

"At 4.15 Sunday morning the team, supported by members of the elite SAPS Special Task Force and National Intervention Unit, swooped on premises in Hillbrow, Kempton Park and Alberton and arrested the seven suspects."

Documentation linking the suspects to the front company Jeffdon Properties cc, was seized and Hitomi was rescued.

"He had been bound, robbed of his belongings and held hostage at a house in Alberton since Friday," said De Beer.

It was believed that this syndicate could be linked to at least four other kidnapping and extortion cases. The seven arrested on Sunday would appear in the Kempton Park Magistrate's Court on Tuesday.

"The two arrested earlier in the week are still in custody. The SAPS believes that we have cracked this syndicate and closed down their headquarters," said De Beer. - Sapa