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Biko Botha
What a strange name for a ascammer. I think this is the front page of an old South African passport. The new one does not look like this.
Scammer: Biko Botha

Botha Biko.jpg

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This is probably a real and stolen passport. The scammer sent it with his email.
Name on Passport: Anne-Marie Joubert

Joubert Anne Marie.jpg


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South Africa has two documents proving ID, sometimes three if you include the driver's license.

The ID number starts with the date of birth year ie: 72, month ie 11, day ie 05.
The ID number is used on the green bar-coded ID and should also be found in the passport.

Clearly, a start of ID number 192454 cannot resemble any month, nor day in the calendar, plus the person would be fairly old by now. (Just an example).