South Africa

The Doctor

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Terrorism Monitoring Unit- Intl. Court of Justice
Scammer: Bidemi Biodun
Some kind of Nigerian flag on the left, and the Great Seal of the United States on the Right, on a South African document! :D

ICJ terror clearing.jpg


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Global Security and Finance Trust
Consignment Deposit Agreement
Names used: Robert Vonnegut
Barrister Paul Jones
Dr. Richards K. Alexander (Global Security and Finance Trust)

Global security consignment.jpg


Affidavit of fact as next of kin
Names used: Andreas Schranner, deceased
Maria Schranner, wife, deceased
Schranner Gold (Pty) S.A.
Scammer: Biko Botha

Sworn affidavit next of kin.jpg


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South African Reserve Bank
Application for Overseas transfer of Funds Clearance
Scammer: Johnson Nomvete

SARB Overseas transfer of Funds.jpg


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High court, Johannesburg
Letter of Administration
Names used: E. C. Beko, Probate Register
Andreas Schranner, victim
Scammer: Biko Botha

High court for Schranner.jpg


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Transfer of right and Privilege
Scammer: Johnson Nomvete
Named used: The Garang family
Justice P. Thoms, South African High Court
Barrister Wiliams Davids

Transfer of right Granag.jpg


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Diplomatic Lifting and Courerr Services
(Yes. "Lifting" some cash. A well-named business. Not sure what a courerr service is. :confused: )
Names used: Dr. Lmaine Sarri
Scammer: Franklin Ferguson (Michael Onyia)

Diplomatic lifting and courerr.jpg

Data Endorsement Form

Diplomatic lifting data.jpg


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Global Security and Finance Trust
Certificate of Deposit of Family Treasures!
Name used: Robert Vonnegut
Global Security and Finance Trust

Global Finance Vonnegut.jpg



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South Africa inheritance Scam
An opera in 4 acts, 3 of them unnatural. Enjoy the show for free. The victim paid a lot of money for these fake documents.
The cast:
Scammer: Maxwell Ndlovu, Barrrister, (possibly our old friend Michael Onyia)
Franklin or Frankline Sullivan, deceased (Frankline? Odd name for a guy)
Christian Eich, Business partner
E.C. Beno, Probate Register
And featuring, a victim.

The story began with an exchange of emails in which the victim is to be presented as the next of kin for Franklin Sullivan. Was this victim greedy? No. was this victim silly? No. This victim got caught up in something which he was not mentally prepared for and once in, couldn't get out. It often happens, and you'd be suprised who it could happen to.

It begins with the lawyer, Ndlovu making an application letter to the bank:

Ndlovu letter1.jpg

This is followed by the sworn statement of facts for the court which sets out the victim as a "distant cousin" (very distant) of Franklin Sullivan.

Ndlovu letter2.jpg

Then the lucky day: the court grants probate:

Probate registry.jpg

And finally comes the letter of administration, and the victim is just waiting for that money to roll in, but....

Probate registry.jpg

....well, you can guess that in this opera there is no happy ending for the victim, but the scammer probably enjoyed all the money the victim sent. This is what we are about. We want to stop this before it happens again. We want to stop it before it happens to you or someone you know.


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Amalgamated Bank of South Africa
This may be real but it's used by Scammer Michael Onyia.
Names used: Marcel Martin
Maxwell N'Dlovu
John Bello, prepared form

Amalgamated bank receipt.jpg