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The pun is deliberate. Yes, we do have a spammer on site. We had a scammer on site once. He was taken care of .

The user's name is autocash. He has been sending out spam private messages to board members. This has been stopped. He has not read the rules here.

You may have received a PM from him. Please just delete it and block him. I have removed his ability to send PM. He received a 10 day infraction when we first found him doing this. Strike 1.

This morning when I came on he was doing it again. I send him a second PM and he did not respond. I gave him a 20 day ban. Strike 2. The attempted spamming continued. I banned him for 30 days. "Strike 3. Sit down. You're out".

You will not find him in the member's list at the moment. He is losing privileges here very quickly. I don't think he has emailed anyone but if you got an email from him, please let an admin know.

And please don't encourage him by visitng his website which is what he wants you to do.

Thank you.

Gentle Giant

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What an idiot. he even sent one to me. Spamming the admins, that is brilliant.

Doesn't this guy know that Miyuki just plays with her food before eating it?



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I do not play with my food. That was a perfectly valid test of the scientific method: If "a" then what? (If I push this button (a), then (b) does/does not happen).

Needless to say, spamming is NOT tolerated here, a message which evidently needs repeating.


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Yes, and just a reminder to possible spammers, even more painful things can happen to you.


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autocash and hoinsy have both been deleted. Hoinsy was trying to spam most of yesterday afternoon and evening and was doing it again when I woke up this morning. These two are taking up too much of my already limited time. Now they are gone.

Central Scrutinizer

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From autocash. He never responded to my PM. I told him not to spam.
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All the best,

Frank Howard
From hoinsy
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If you got one of these things delete it. We already know about these.

As it says in the rules, if you get some other PM you don't want or you feel in not appropriate, forward it to an admin and we'll take care of it. We will not tolerate spamming.


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Stupid spammers. Don't they understand that we have people here who are victims of scammers? The last thing in the world they need is stupid spam from some dork. (I got the P.M.s from both of these losers). :mad:

Garreg Ddu

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The current scoresheet

As of this post we have had over 1400 spammers attempt to register and spam in some way. We have "neutralised" all of them and at the same time have removed over 780 spamming sites from the web.

We just had a new member looking at this thread, which drew my attention to it. The new member has not done any of the things which get immediate conversion to "Bad Member" status, but just to remind anyone who might be thinking of spamming, here are the tell tale signs:

  1. You post any form of spam - INSTANT PERMANENT BAN
  2. You put a spamming link in a post, home page or signature - INSTANT PERMANENT BAN and THE SITE LINKED IS KILLED
  3. Multiple attempts from the same source to spam - INSTANT PERMANENT BAN OF THAT IP RANGE or EMAIL DOMAIN
  4. All spammers will have their usernames, email addresses, IP address (or addresses if they visit more than once) and all URL Links used added to an international on-line database of spammers. (Hint: if you are a spammer try searching the web for your email address(Google is best).)

You get the message - SPAM IS NOT TOLERATED

You are regarded as the blow-fly maggots of the Internet and will be exterminated to prevent you spreading your garbage.
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Can I suggest that this info should be shared by thousands of other forums? Its a nice way to make forum spammers work little harder.
Talking about Stop Forum Spam database here.

Its very effective. Here we have one spammer just banned from TSB before email confirmation so this bastard didnt even got a chance
to spam but just wasted time to register there. (nick xerryhorteen99)

Its little bit work yes but only thing you need is to somebody to register in SFS and an API key to submit data. If nobody has time to do
this I can volunteer. Have done ~8000 spammers so far and since I´m pretty useless to bait anybody its something useful to do here.
Aren't some of the forum spammers actually an automated spam bots?

I run a couple forums and I'm always having to deal with this crap. I'm able to block ranges of IP addresses, since my member lists are small. That option wouldn't work here, of course, and banning individual IP addresses is a full time job that is marginally effective. I always report these spam intrusions to the offending ISP (with added proof from SFS) and about 60% the hosting ISPs shut them down.


Yes you are right. Big part of forum spam is generated by bots but this does not change the effect of SFS. They do offer
nice collection of automated tools to stop blacklisted people to join so its more how tight admins would like the firewall
to be. Lets face it these antiscam forums are an exeption of normal case.

My point is that if a forum reports only confirmed spammers nobody looses.

Really good if 60% of your reports are honored since its not illegal to spam a forum in anywhere.
Laws agaist spamming are only effective against mail sent to an private mail and not to company.
Also cant recall a law that prohibits sending a spam post to a discussion forum but some ISP rules are against that.

Dick H Box

Good idea.

Veka said re SFS:
... Its little bit work yes but only thing you need is to somebody to register in SFS and an API key to submit data. If nobody has time to do
this I can volunteer. Have done ~8000 spammers so far and since I´m pretty useless to bait anybody its something useful to do here.
I think it's an excellent suggestion.

As a further thought, is there any way in vB to automate the process, so that spam can be highlit, & the details forwarded to SFS via the context-menu, or some similar action?

I know our focus is fraud, but, globally, the incidence of forum-spam is increasing, & it dilutes our antifraud efforts, so a dedicated anti-spam effort could become a neccessity sooner rather than later.