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Date: Sun, 2 Jul 2017


Good day to you, how are you? My name is Skylar Anderson. I am a U.S. Army Specialist, serving here in Afghanistan. I found a box containing the sum of $6,000,000.00 USD (Six Million United States Dollars) due to my status as a U.S. Army Specialist, i can’t be able to transfer this funds to my account in United States. I need your help to evacuate this funds and safe keep it until i finish my service here and come to collect my share of it. The box will be addressed as family valuables from me to you. If this is possible for you to do, i need your full assurance that it would be safe in your care. You may be wondering why i decided to communicate with you, i have no one to discuss this with. I am an orphan, please assist me to secure a brighter future. Trusting someone is very difficult, but i give you my trust, also i need your trust to make this a success. Your acceptance to this would really encourage me. Kindly let me know your conclusion to my request so we can proceed to get this completed soon. With a sincere heart, i am willing to give you 35% from the total sum for your assistance and willingness to help me. Please do not betray my trust and confidence in you. If you truly desire to help me, please reply me quickly via my Personal email: (spc.skylar3@gmail.com)

Spc. Skylar Anderson.
Personal Email: (spc.skylar3@gmail.com)

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Warm Regards, Spc. Skylar Anderson. Personal e-mail: (spc.skylar7@gmail.com)

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Spc. Skylar Anderson.
Personal e-mail: (spc.skylar9@gmail.com)