Staying Alive


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Received: from
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2018
From: "" <>
Subject: Staying alive
Phone: +2298577492


Read this warn carefully, since it can be the last in your life.

People are by nature envious. Given the fact of successful development of your business, people (your competitors ) paid me 30,000 」 for your severed hands.

It's not the first time I've done this kind of work, but I'm already tired of these envious bastards and your life will be the last one I'll take or will not do, it's up to you.

Under normal circumstances, I would just do the work for which I was paid without going into the details, but I'm going to get away from it and go on a long-awaited vacation.

You have 2 versions for deciding this situation.

Admit my proposal or discard.

You pay me 10000 」 for safe your life and you receive all the information about the customer with whom you apply to the police and thus you save your life and the lives of your relatives.

The second option is you ignore my proposal and turn to the police, but by the same token you will only postpone your judgment day, even if I can not do the work, then another person will do it, not within a week and say in a month or half a year, but order for your head will be fulfilled sooner or later.

Thus, you will be afraid of every rustle, walk around looking and thinking that you are being persecuted.

If you want such a life, your choice, but if I were you, I would think very well.

Tickets to England have been taken for July 28, and you have exactly 3 days to transfer money to an anonymous account bitcoin 1A95DLBwQvk7EhyM34e9vkHcb7itfBQwdw.

I can check the last time receipt of money before the flight to you, on the 28th

In the event of receiving a reward, I will not come to take your life, but will also pass all the information about your customer (Let the bastards get what they deserve) and you can protect yourself, otherwise you know the consequences.

The well-being of the future life depends on your choice.

Think about your life, you family.

?? ??? ????

De Master Yoda

paid me 30,000 」 for your severed hands.
but order for your head will be fulfilled sooner or later.
Tickets to England have been taken for July 28,
Not a real smart "Hit man" He gets the wrong country then mixed up as to whether he is to take a head or both hands!

A good hitman would be able to use the correct money icon 30,000 」. So how much and in what currency is his demand for?


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No wonder he's ready to retire. He had to move to Benin so he probably doesn't get around much any more.