Stephen Yankyera Amoh, Bank of Ghana

Hua Mulan

Staff member
Return-Path: <>
From: "Mr. Stephen Yankyera Amoh" <>
Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2021
Subject: Please treat it as very urgent and important.

Kindly permit me to quickly and briefly introduce myself. I am Mr. Stephen Yankyera Amoh of the Internal Audit Department of the Bank of Ghana.

I write to inform you that we have in our(Bank of Ghana) custody,funds belonging to you.Your unclaimed funds recovered and rescued by ECOWAS monitoring and oversight efforts.

Please note that you are not to pay any money to any person or office within and outside to receive your funds. Your funds will be released and transferred to you once we have completed requisite due diligence.

Finally it is important that you maintain absolute confidentiality on this matter so as to enable us to attend to you promptly and satisfactorily.

We shall give you details of inherent procedures for your receipt of your funds once you have responded to this email. Note that you are not required to pay any money to any office or person.

Please treat it as very urgent and important.

Mr. Stephen Yankyera Amoh
Internal Audit Office
Bank of Ghana.
Tel: +233 265453274