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Michele McKee

I received one too, mine is posted below. Obviously the company has a website, but no phone contact information is posted on that. I haven't put much other effort into researching it, but was wondering if anyone else had determined if it is a real company or not (i.e., is the website part of the fraud too?)

Thank you for your prompt response. I want your firm to draft a commercial lease agreement between my company and another company in your state. We are negotiating the terms for a commercial lease agreement. They are looking at the possibility of leasing my Subsea Well Intervention Equipment for 12 months.

We will require your services for the following:

Draft the lease agreement

Review the required documents for the lease

We will handle negotiations and may need your advice on the legal part if the need arises.

The total value of the transaction will be around $3,400,000. We were hoping to kick this off by mid-September, due to the COVID19 outbreak we are uncertain about the closing date. I will provide you with our previous lease agreements which we have used in the past to make things move as fast as possible.

Send me a retainer agreement based on your hourly rate, I believe you will not exceed 20 hours on the whole project. My week is looking tied, we can schedule to discuss after I have reviewed your retainer agreement, and once we are set to have you start drafting the lease agreement. I look forward to hearing from you and working with you on this project. Let me know if you have any questions.

Lessee: Malcolm Drilling
92 Natoma Street, Suite 400 San Francisco, CA 94105.


Steve Gibson
Vice President
EPG Exploration Services LLC
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Received one recently as well, verbatim to Michelle's inquiry, but the Lessee's name was swapped with another company.