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Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2017
Subject: The #WorldsGreatestDad2017 Campaign for The #HappyFeet Project
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Family & Friends,

I know you love your privacy but i just had to share this one.I am currently volunteering at The Kavuvu Foundation and with June been the Month of Fathers,The organization is hosting the biggest #WorldsGreatestDad2017campaign to help fund the The #HappyFeet Project.

The project is anchored on the story of one little boy called Mambo, who has since dropped from school due to jigger infestations in his area. The projects goal is to COMPLETELY disrupting the cycle of poverty in Makueni County, Kenya, through the distribution of the Happy Feet Shoes to Mambo and other 30,000 poverty stricken school children.

During the Event, we'll be asking people to donate as little as $2 and go to our Facebook events page and post a picture of their Gradfather/Dad/Uncle/Godfather/Husband or someone like DAD. We know that Dad loves you and guides you each and every day. Today it's your turn to show how much you love him.

Please click this link to participate

All pictures will be compiled to make the worlds largest collage of Dad's and show-cased for the world to see on the material day, 18th.

This is all we ask of you; to touch the life of a child who can not repay you in their life. Become a source of hope; Hope of relief from foot-related disease; Hope of an active life; be moved; be active; Be Mambo's hope.

Please let me know if you might need anything else to inform your decision or if you do not want to receive more emails from me.

Thanks a bunch

Steven M. Wambua
Assistant Human Resource Manager
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