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Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2016

Dear Job Seeker,
Sumitomo Mitsui, Singapore is currently hiring for the position of Project Manager.

A manager is responsible for overseeing equipment lease projects, monitoring the delivery of services and communicating with distributors. He/She will be a single point leader working in a fast-paced environment utilizing both internal and remote project resources, accountable for cost and schedule control as well as execution proficiency.

Work category: Planning and Development
Job Status: permanent position
Location: U.S.
Compensation: $80K - $90K per year
Starting from: 9/25/16

Responsibilities and Duties:
- Build and maintain effective long-term relationships and a high level of satisfaction with senior-level decision makers and influencers on key accounts
- Identify spheres where continuous improvement can be applied, measure the level of improvement
- Develop and lead plans for all vendor negotiations on an annual basis
- Assist in the development of contingency plans
- Control the business relationship between borrowers and providers
- Take part in business meetings and make recommendations for process development
- Work closely with company's customers

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
- Demonstrated ability to control work and to lead multiple projects
- Exceptional written and oral skills
- Ability to productively assemble cross-functional teams
- Demonstrated diplomatic skills in a variety of situations

- Bachelor's Degree in a related field
- Demonstrated success in managing: multiple projects, multiple client relationships
- Experience negotiating capital equipment purchases and contract terms

If you are interested in the position, please respond with your resume attached.


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Work category: Project Management
Position type: full-time position
Work region: United States of America
Compensation: $80K - $90K per annum