Susan H, Loyal Italian Grey Hounds Home

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Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2021 20:38:35 +0100

Accept greetings from Loyal Italian greyhounds Home. Thank you for visiting our site and for your inquiry regarding our Italian Greyhound puppy. We are familiar with this breed and have raised them over the years and we have made out time to properly educate ourselves on the breed to be of help to you as a prospective
buyer. All our lovely cuddles are raised here in our home around kids and other pets that are dog friendly.
I am retired from the Medical service due to an accident, one that almost took my life but all thanks to God I survived it even though it rendered me hearing impaired so I am almost deaf as we speak as I barely hear a word but most often my lovely husband assists me.
From time to time I am called up for some duties as a result of my duty experience but that only happens 5 to 10 hours every month so we stay home with our pets almost all day and night. We raised 3 children, all now in their 20's and 30 - so our pups are like our children now, and we are always with our pets and take them with us almost everywhere we go. In the evenings, they always sit with us on the couch, they are never left unattended to unless at night when they are all asleep

DURAN is very Healthy and AKC Registered, will come with a ONE YEAR OF HEALTH GUARANTEE

The cost for DURAN is $700 and if picking him up won't be possible, then we will arrange to ship your puppy to you for free at this period, So the total you will pay is only for the dog which is $700.

Please let me know the following,
Which State/City are you located?
Have you owned the Italian greyhound breed before?

Please get back to me with reply for the next step
God Bless you

Best wishes.
Susan H.