Susan, motorcyle buyer


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Scammer wants to send fake check!

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Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2008
From: Lady Rose <>
Subject: Payment Update

Thanks for your mail, I am from florida i am highly interested in the Bike and i would be great if u can offer it for me cos i dont have time searching for the Bikes and am a very busy person so i would like you to help me with it i do want you to know that am ok with the price am from U.S and the payment will be by cheque ONLY,as i have a contact in the state who will make payment to you on my behalf by cheque but i want you to know that the cheque you will received will come in amount of money that will cover your money and as well as my shipping agent person money and after you have acknowledge the receipt of the cheque,all you are just to do is to deduct your own money from the total amount of money you have on the cheque and the rest is to be transfer to my shipping agent person that will handle the shippment of the Bike to my locations i want you to know that am on business trip i wanted to use the Bike as a birthday gift for my son who is recovring from an accident so i would want it shipped to the locations before i come back so that everything can be in order. I want you to know that my shipping agent will be the one to handle the clearing and forwarding of the Bike in your location u dont have to worry about the shipiment at all u just leave it all to the shipper all i just want you to do is to follow the intructions sure all this is clear with you and that i can count on you as regards my shipping agent person money,i have a responsible shipping agent that will come for pick up as soon as you received your money and u have deduct the shipping agent money to them and confirm this to me,i will ask my shipper to come for the pick up asap so if you are ok with this,get back to me asap with your details needed for the addression of the cheque such as below:

Name to be on the cheque:
Address where cheque will be received by you:
Phone Number's such as Mobile,Land line and Office Number:

Thanks and i will be very glad to recive your reply back with a positive response pls send your greetings to your family get back to me will be willing to hear back from you