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You are probably surprised to receive my letter. I the girl from Russia also live in city Cheboksari. My name is Svetlana. I write to you therefore as I decided to try to search acquaintance On the Internet. I did not do such earlier, but I have somehow seen agency of acquaintances Also has thought to go in him. I learned, that many people found good Acquaintances. I decided to write to you. To me of 27 years and I am lonely. If acquaintance is interesting to you With me you can write to me on this address: I wait the answer.

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Hello my new interesting friend!
At last holidays and the days off have ended and we can start to get acquainted. I want to tell to you as I have found yours e-mail adress, I have addressed in marriage agency in our city which refers to "Afrodita" And they have told to me your electronic address. I am very glad what to get acquainted with you. My name is Svetlana, I from city Cheboksari, it not the big city. But it is my native city and how to be spoken to choose to not have. I have daddy and mum, I have grown in high-grade family, I have received good education, I studied 11 years at school and 5 years at university, I have education The lawyer. But to find work on a speciality it is very difficult, And consequently I work as the seller of clothes in shop. My salary not big 250 $ usd in a month. But I accept a life in a province. In Moscow there all certainly is very difficult to live more expensively. I do not have native brothers and sisters. Speak that from - for it people become little bit greedy, But my parents have made so I have grown not greedy. I am able to share with people all that at me is. In the childhood I went to different circles, was engaged in navigation, Then dances but not for a long time, tried to sing, But at me not so well it turns out. I like to go on different entertaining actions. I like to go to cinema and to listen to music, Very much it is pleasant to me Madonna, she came to us to Russia, But I could not go on her concert, tickets have quickly bought up. I am able to prepare and invent perfectly that - that new. As I very careful and peaceful person. I had relations with guys from Russia, But the longest novel was a floor of year. Why - all men liked to drink that much and were frequently broken, I could not suffer it, and spoke that they can be free. Tell to me as your life on personal front? It will be interesting to me to learn about you more. I shall send you the photo. I shall wait.


Svetlana Krasnova

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The 300 euro is just for starters ,I expect other travel problems would arise
and she isn't getting any slimmer :rolleyes:

Hello my dear ****!
Fine day today at us in Russia, the cool wind, goes a fine rain.
I like such weather not so coldly and not hot, only I do not like
dampness and pools. My dear, I want to tell to you that I went to
agency, And all has learned, it is necessary to make many documents,
The passport for travel abroad, the visa, medical documents, Still
many different documents, the characteristic. Well in general it is a
lot of everything, to me have told that on all documents It is
necessary 300 euro. Therefore my loved, I have drawn such conclusions,
Time this our common cause, both of us want to meet with each other.
Though so it is accepted, that the man pays for lady, But this our
common cause I have decided that half of money I and pay half you. I
think it will be on fair. I want to start to do documents, since
tomorrow's day. Means, you know the western union? It is very simple
and convenient, I think, you know about it better me. So I shall wait
half of sum from you. My love if you tomorrow will be free and at you
will be time to go in bank, send me of money on western union on my data.
My full name - Svetlana Krasnova
country - Russia
city - Cheboksary
street - Komsomolskaya
H. - 12 App. - 25
index - 428003.
My dear, all it will be necessary to try and wait for the little, And
documents will be ready. And we can be a line with each other, and
learn each other much better. Also mine **** I want to ask you to
write to me the full data, The address and full name. It too to be
necessary at registration of the visa, And still phone probably,
agency if will consider necessary that they will call to you, and
whether I shall ask to you to arrive, well it with a view of safety,
Actually simply formality. Well, my dear ****, I shall look
forward to hearing. Svetlana.