Svetlana, Russia


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From: Ms. Svetlana <>
Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2018
Subject: Good Evening to U from me) could I ask You?
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Greeting from your matchless to you;)

sir Limpid)

May you do me a favor?

Let's talks,

I am alone ripe girlfiend and At present I am seeking reputable Man;-)

response to me: and then I can send You my pictures!

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From:, Russia, Moscow, PJSC Rostelecom
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From: Anthony Martin <>
Subject: Good morning. Nice to meet you! Hope you are fine!
Date: Thu, 23 May 2019
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Reply-To: Svetlana <>

Hi! How is your day?

Iam wrote you this mail because I'am got your e-mail at an international dating site.
Im a alone lady, Im really want to meet a men for a relationship, so I'm turned to a international dating website.
I paid a little money for their agency. They showed a lot of profiles of lonely mens and I chose you!
Im would like to know more about you! I will hope, you like to me and you too will want to know me better!

Oops, sorry, Iam forgot to introduce myself!!
Iam Svetlana!

Iam really hope that you will reciprocate me and you will response me!
Here me e-mail address:
I'am wish you have a good day and look forward to your respond!

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THE Spanish Administrator
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From: missSvetlana <>
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2019
Subject: How come? Let's talk.

sir Bold

Hej my bold! I want to straight talk, can we record chat?

for now I'm searching for kind dude.
I'm indispensable female;-) email me to

I'm going to reply to You my picture attach.

Thank you in advance


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From: miss Svetlana <>
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2019
Subject: Good Evening my, My Limpid. I want to small chat.
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Bonjour My:-)
I am alone tender 33 y.o. Person from Russian Federation)
today I am trying to find alive guy. I will reply to You my picture:-) my Email box for response is ;-)


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Date: Wed, 14 Oct 2020
From: Sve Sugar <>
Subject: We are each other needed

My dear friend.
I'm sorry for bothered you. In truth, I'm sick of being single and chose to try Net internet dating site! I want that this act will be a new chapter in my future . First of all,to know me better I'm will talk a little story about me for you! I hope, that the letters between us will not interrupt, and you're interested and read my letter. I don't sure how to begin my description. I am never attempt to write to someone my person in the e-mail before this moment. I'm can describe my person as the positive, determined, true person. I am a tender person though at the same time I am a confident, woman. I have normally admired sincerity openness and candor. I want you are wanted, that our correspondence will proceed. In a future e-mail, I would like to know more about yourself, your outlook on life. I am sending u my images. I hope that you like it, and we can get closer to each other.
Yours faithfully, Svetlanka.



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From: ms.Svetlana <>
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 202
Subject: hai My sound:-) can You please speak? I hope U can cheap chat,

Saluto My unsurpassed!
Let's talks;)
Hope it is sizable, at present Im searching for perfective dude, I am single pretty Woman)

I can reply to You my pictures)
Email me at;)
have a nice time
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From: frau Svetlana <>
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2020
Subject: how are you today? mister Straight:)

my mister Marshmallow ;)

Hallo my.

I hope you can speak)

Im beloved Babe
Currently I am looking for wonderful gentleman. My Email for answer is;-) I will send You my picture attached:-) Thank you anyway


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From: missSvetlana <>
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2020
Subject: Shalom;-) My able My lovebug) Can u please speak;-) Let's deep talks:)

unmatched sir Perfective I hope you can talks!
I'm alone successful babe:-)
Immediately I'm waiting for bouncy dude.
e-mail me at:
I will reply to You my photo attach:-) till next time