SWIFT - Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Transactions

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You may see mention in some scammer emails about SWIFT. The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Transactions, otherwise known as SWIFT is owned by more than 2,800 banks around the world. A total value of USD $ 2 trillion is processed daily. It operates a network to process members’ messages to each other. The system transmits messages but makes no payments. The message tells how payment is to be made but payment is made through a different electronic payment system such as CHIP or Fedwire. Messages are transmitted by dedicated terminals which the computer encrypts which clearly shows originator, etc. SWIFT is often used to provide information on electronic letters of credit, information on foreign exchange transactions, orders to buy, sell or deliver securities, and make interbank transfers.

SWIFT does NOT issue credit cards of any kind.

If you want to read all of it there.

Scammers often ask for the SWIFT code because it makes their scam look more official.

Second and more important though, if they were real bankers they could easily look it up. They would not need to ask you to get it. Also, if they were real lawyers, they would ask a banker to look it up, not you.
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