Taaher Moosa, IMF, Belgium

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Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2018
From: TAAHER MOOSA <matouskova.zszizkov@iskola.cz>
Subject: RE: Approved Reconciliation Payment
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RE: Approved Reconciliation Payment

I hope this email meets you well, sound and healthy. I am Taaher Moosa. Director, Int'l Audit and Inspection - IMF.

I write to inform you that I have personally endorsed a reconciliation payment of $1,075,000 USD in your favor, for immediate transfer of fund to you through online bank. It have been confirmed that your payment portal have been set up and payment advice have been granted by the paying bank.

Payment Details:
Amount: $1,075,000 USD
IMF Approval No: 44587P/2018
Reference No: 1HE45643CP530154A
Secret Code No: XXCN015X

With the secure online banking, you will have 24/7 Access; Account Balance; Bill Payments; Check Deposits and initiate foreign transfer at the comfort of your home using a touch tone phone or your PC.

I have over the weeks studied the circumstances surrounding the delay in release of your approved overdue payment and must be honest with you, I was perplexed at the decision to recall your fund despite the payments you made to get approvals for the release of your fund. It is true that there were minor flaws in the manner at which the initial approvals for this overdue payment where obtained without considering the FX fluctuation, but you deserved due considerations; at least for the efforts you put in getting your payment approvals by complying to the directives of the concerned authorities.

This is why I took it upon myself to discreetly endorse this reconciliation payment. I have already forwarded your payment mandate to the Remittance Director in charge with stringent instructions to facilitate this transfer swiftly and with utmost confidentiality.

Do let me know if this is a welcomed development by you then I will disclose to you the contacts of the financial institution, so that you can contact the Remittance Director himself, otherwise I will have to revoke the payment mandate with immediate effect.

Taaher Moosa
Director, Int'l Audit and Inspection
IMF, Brussels, Belgium