TAB Napping - a new form of Phishing

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Gleaned from Yahoo Groups and with grateful thanks to lovemoney com for the original news item. said:
The new scam that secretly steals your bank details
Published 7 June 2010 in Get the best deal
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Watch out for this new online phishing scam which uses 'tab napping' to attack your computer - and your finances...

Always check the URL is correct to make sure you haven't been tab napped
As internet users we’re all vulnerable to online scams. Unluckily for us, as soon as we become pretty good as spotting one type of attack, another more sophisticated version comes along in its place. In fact, technology company, Mozilla - which developed the Firefox web browser - has recently warned against a possible threat from a new scam known as ‘tab napping’ which takes phishing one step further.

What is tab napping?
Tab napping is essentially a new kind of phishing scam. Until now phishing has involved sending hoax emails in an attempt to steal your usernames, passwords and bank details. Often the sender will claim to be from your bank and will ask you to verify your bank details by clicking on a link contained in the email.

The link actually directs you to a fake website which looks just like your bank's own website. Once you have typed in your login details they can be accessed by the criminals who set the fake site up.

But we’re beginning to wise up to phishing attacks like this, and many of us know we should be very wary of clicking URLs even if they appear to be in a legitimate email.

With awareness of phishing on the up, making it more difficult for scammers to succeed, tab napping could be the scam to watch out for next.

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