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Hi.. I am a newbie. Just came across this site and I think that it's a good tool where everybody can share their experiences and we can actually learn sth frm each other. B4 I registered myself I came across a thread frm Denis (if I am not mistaken) who said that he was scammed by a woman frm this site:- Tagged.com. Well I have a few stories of my own as I was active in that site for a couple of months. All that I have to say is this: BE CAREFUL WITH MEN CLAIMING THAT THEY'RE FRM UK.

1. I met a guy claiming that he's from London. He told me that he was looking for a relationship and that his wife had passed away in a plane crashed. He has his own company that deals with oil and gas. We chat and after a few days he told me that he wanted to marry me and to set up a business in my country. Then after 2 weeks he told me that he need money (i don't remember how much) to release him frm his contract and to get his fund. He said that as his future wife I had to help him to raise some money. Foolishly I gave him RM1000. Deposited to his 'friend's' local account here in my country saying that my money will be sent together with his 'friend' who's helping him as well. After that he disappear. That opens my eyes to internet love scam.

2. After that I met another guy also claimed that he's frm UK but this time he was bold enough to talk to my mum and letting me talk to his mum. He also told me that his wife had died in a motor accident and that he's looking for someone to take care of his son. He told me he has a business of his own and would call me everynight. One day, he called and told me that he's coming down to my country to claim a 'cheque' frm the ministry. A cheque belonged to his late father. He came down (but we didn't meet) and he told me that both he and his mum were stranded as they need to pay some amount of money to release the check. And of course... I had to contribute since I am about to be his wife. This time I didn't budge. I told him that I would not give him a single cent. He then called me again telling me that he managed to raise some money from his friends and aunts but now he needs me to help him with the hotel fees. It cost him 200/night and that he'll be staying there for 5 nights. which means he needs 1000 frm me. I told him again that I had no money. After that he disappeared.

I noticed that they'll ask minimum of 1000 frm u. Be it in any currency.. USD GBP or RM


Sorry to hear about the deceit you experienced DiViNe1420
An optimist might say that the amount could have been much higher. When learning for the first time about scams from West Africa you are the most vulnerable.

Please note we have other ways of knowing where emails originate from , if you PM me I will run though it with you.


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Recently a guy claiming that he from Manchester, UK contacted me. We've known through this site for almost 4 months but only recently we come to be quite close. He told me that he's in my country now and has a contract with an oil company here doing some construction work. He called me using the local numbers for quite sometimes which convinced me that he's here. After 2 weeks he told me that he need to go back to the UK because his mother was hospitalised. Then suddenly he called and asked me to send him some money to help him buying some materials for the project he's doing. Since he's not around and I am the only one he has in this country he's asking for my favour to 'pay' for the materials. Oddly, the bank account given belong to a local woman. I felt sth was not right. I didn't give him any of course. Other scammers would have just walked away when I told them that I won't give any money. But he is still around saying that he doesn't want my money and he managed to settle his payment with his family's help. He called when he was there and it was an international call I received.

Few days later, he told me that his mum had been discharged and that he's coming back to my country. He called me again and this time using the local number again. He wanted to convince me that he is not a scammer but my gut is saying that he is up to sth. Few days back, he called and told me that he's in Thailand for a project and gave me his contact number there. I called and managed to get through. Yesterday, again, he asked for money saying that he needs to pay for a tax before his cheque to buy some materials needed could be released. He was asking for 100USD. Again I told him that I won't give him my money. He was quiet and said that he's upset as I refused to help him. But he would still keep in touch with me. The thing is, I don't know what is he up to. My heart says that he's a scammer but why is he still around? He even talked to my mum! He sent me his contract award letter but I don't know if the letter is a fraud or not. I've asked him to send a scan of his passport, he did but I am aware enough to see that the passport is a fake. The picture is a 'cut and paste' frm the pic he gave me. I am NOT a fool, not knowing how does a passport picture should look like!

I really want to give this guy a lesson not to play around with other people's heart and that I want to prove to him that he won't get away with everything no matter how cunning can he be.

Thanks to AFI, I managed to trace his emails and they all come back to Sunnyvale, North America. It means the emails must have been sent by someone else and not him because the calls he made and I gave shows that he's where he told me he would be. HELP!
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De Master Yoda

Time to move on.

This is why he is still around
Yesterday, again, he asked for money saying that he needs to pay for a tax before his cheque to buy some materials needed could be released. He was asking for 100USD.
While ever he feels that he can get more money from you he will keep trying.

The thing is, I don't know what is he up to. My heart says that he's a scammer but why is he still around?
It is time to release the dream. Sorry but he is NOT the man of your dreams and all will be rosy, he is a SCAMMER who specializes in stealing money from his victims and he knows which buttons to press.

The emails can be adjusted so I would not in this case believe the location of them.

It may be dangerous for you to do anything against him if he has any of your personal details and a crook like him is not worth you being in danger for.
Let him go and put it behind you. Some lessons in life are hard to take financially some hard to take emotionally.
It is time to look forward to a better future and to leave this particular past behind you.
Sorry, DiViNe1420 that you have encounterd a scammer, they are everywhere these days, I'm afraid.

If you research the MO of the typical romance or love scammer you will find similarities in the story.

Make Google your best friend when ever you encounter someone you question and even if you don't find anything to put a question mark to his/her name....dig deeper.

In this case, let it go. De Master Yoda has spoken. Don't reply to this scammer, don't try to take revenge, just let it go. They are criminals so disconnect yourself with them.

Be safe.


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Moving on

The advise you have been given is very wise. I'm writing a blog at the moment warning woman in particular about give away signs you are dealing with a scammer. Trust your instincts.
You can read my blog which I have only just started http://9jathailand.blogspot.com/


good good :cool:
Real people scamming face to face is a new one on me

Scammers acting the way they do is outside normal social behavior and that behavior may make a normal inquisitive person want to question those actions when encountering scammer low life for the first time.
The only way scammers can operate on the net under the term 'romance' is by using good faith, other scams have other angles but romance scams are specifically built on manipulating the emotions , regular emails and phone calls over a period of time thus establishing trust and then asking for money. If money is refused without definite proof that it is a scam the scammer knows this might make a person feel guilty for not sending it, hence scammers keep coming back to pursue the guilt factor with other money requests .

When talking to people on the net first you have to know if they are who they say they are, therefore scammers appearing to be who they are and where they say they are from is vital, if a location or phone number can be adjusted then they will do it, to them it is just laying the foundations.

Often a victim will go over the way things have played out after the event and say things like "I don't know how I fell for that " blaming his or herself for the situation , I will add ; it is not the intention of a scammer to make one question ones emotions after the event, but questioning one's emotions it is often a by- product of romance scams which can lead a person to pursue answers from a scammer when in fact many scammers lack basic areas of normal human emotion and do not posses the full capacity to evaluate any consequences of their actions . , which when those actions are justified by their criminal peer group using the medium of the internet they feel even further removed from their actions .

Do remember when trying to fathom the actions of such people it is worth searching the term 'criminal psychology' the flawed human being known as the scammer is not to be trusted and for that reason alone it is not a good thing to antagonise a scammer if that scammer has any of your personal details.

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but why is he still around?
Unfortunately he's still around because he thinks he can still get money out of you. These guys might have multiple romance scams going on at any given moment, so if one doesn't pay another one will, he's playing the numbers unfortunately you are not the only one in his web of lies, and also he is banking on you paying him off one day. That is why he is still around, the other members have given you sound advice that you should head, leave him in the past. But as I've seen so many times with this type of scam even though a victim has the best of intentions of leaving their fake love interests, he will come back and try to manipulate you again. This is reality it's really hard to shake these guys most of them are very patient if they think it will lead to a pay day, you just have to be strong.


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Thanks a lot for the encouragement!! I did leave and distance myself before he could burn a huge hole in my pocket. In my situation, bank passbook :D I've never given him anything though.. not a single cent. Now as u told me, Google is my best friend and I got to know that phone numbers starting with +4470 may appear to be frm the UK but they are actually 'personal numbering' and can be re-routed frm any part in the world!


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The advise you have been given is very wise. I'm writing a blog at the moment warning woman in particular about give away signs you are dealing with a scammer. Trust your instincts.
You can read my blog which I have only just started http://9jathailand.blogspot.com/
Woww... I've read your Blog and I am sorry for the things these heartless ppl did to u. I didn't know that they would go to the extend of meeting u face to face. Thank u for sharing your story and stay safe ok