Targeted Microsoft/Anti-Virus Company Scam


An old scam is coming around again on a massive scale. The difference is that the scam is targeted directly at the victim. The phone rings and the caller asks if a person (the victim) is the one on the phone and if they live at a certain address (the victim’s address). The victim verifies the information as correct and then the caller states that they are from Microsoft or an anti-virus company. The caller tells the victim that the company has been monitoring the victim’s computer and has detected some anomaly.

The victim is given the instructions to open the "Windows Event Viewer". To anyone not familiar with the file’s contents there looks like there are some problems. The caller advises the victim to go to a certain website and download a program to “fix†their computer. Unfortunately this download allows remote control of the victim’s computer (victims have reported watching their cursor move around their screen during the takeover) Not only that but often the victim gets charged and advised to pay by a debit card, PayPal, AlertPay, etc !

It is believed that the scammers get names and addresses of the victims from telephone books and that the callers work in “call centers†based in India.

It is advised when receiving a call such as this to tell the caller that you will call them back and then check out the phone number. Call the company using another one of their numbers listed to verify whether someone from that company called you. Also remember:

• Microsoft will never contact users directly
• Most companies, including Microsoft and AV, will not allow access to its legitimate Tech Support without the user keying in a product code
• Tech Support usually can only take incoming calls and only can call out to reconnect dropped calls.


I get one of these calls every 2-3 weeks. It's nearly always an Indian woman calling, although a different woman each time. Depending on how busy I am I will either reply "but I don't have a computer" at which point they just hang up, or I will draw out the phone call as long as I can by pretending to be totally computer illiterate. I prefer the later because whilst they are occupied talking to me they aren't ripping off someone else, and I'm hoping the phone call from India is costing them money.:p


Good Work, Shadow! I have not gotten any myself yet but others I know have. While this particular scam started a few months ago it has recently taken off on a massive scale and has become very organized.

That's a good ploy- not only do you waste their time but you get them all excited that they have a new victim..then give them a bad headache! ; D


I got one!

I had a caller last night with a heavy middle East accent phone me and say he was from Microsoft and said they had received a high number of error messages from my computer. He wanted me to sit in front of my computer so he could tell me how to fix them otherwise my computer would end up shutting down. I told him my laptop was dead and I couldn't do it right now. I told him to just give me the instructions and I would do it the next time I was on my computer. He said no, it takes a long time to do so he would just call me again another time. I rather thought it sounded like a scam!


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I realize this is a ME too kind of thing but I have had I can't count how many of these calls and I think 2 or 3 calls ago I had the person on the phone get so frustrated with me(I played the stupid woman who couldn't really get what it was he was talking about) and then said but...MSN doesn't call anyone...He parted ways by cussing at me!

Made my days I laughed