Tax preparation scams


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It's that time of the year for U.S. taxpayers and you can avoid a tax preparation scam by:

1. doing your own taxes (easy for a lot of people);

2. have your taxes done by a professional CPA that you know and trust;

3. or you can go to the website of the National Association of Tax Professionals National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP) and find a local tax preparation professional. Almost all of them have been approved by the IRS.


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Odds are that between the pandemic and everything else happening in the world, the last thing you need worry about is someone trying to mess with your tax return. Filing your taxes is about money, and money means scammers. If you're looking for payroll software, at you can find everything you need. People worry about how much they'll have to pay or are salivating at how much they might get back in the form of a tax refund. Scammers like to prey on both of these emotions, sometimes threatening a fake audit or offering a fat payout in exchange for personal information.