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Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007

Dear Respectful One,

In appreciation of your esteemed contact received through the internet and the choice of your country. I wish to introduce myself. My name is Mr.Terry Frank, the son of Mr.Terry Ford of Zimbabwe. During the current crisis against the farmers of Zimbabwe by the supporters of our President Robert Mugabe to claim all the white owned farms in our country, he ordered all the white farmers to surrender their farms to his party members and their followers. You can view website to see the kind of brutal and wicked government we have in Zimbabwe:


My Father was one of the best farmers in the country and knowing that he did not support the President political ideology, the president supporters invaded my father\'s farm and burnt down everything, killed him and confiscated all his investments. Before this unpleasant incident my Father had already visited Europe to deposit the sum of Twenty Five Million US Dollars (US$25,000,000.00) in a Vault House.

After the bloody incident, we all had to escape to London for the safety of our lives. Where we have been living since then as political refugee. I am seeking for a reliable foreigner who can assist us in moving this funds out for safe banking and profitable investment.

Honestly I am telling you all this just because I don\'t want to invest this funds in london due to my status here as a political refugee and moreover I don\'t want to take risk because this funds is all that I and my mother are depending on,a certificate of deposit was issued when we deposited the funds with the Vault House and i have the document with me.

We are seriously looking for a trusted partner that will assist us with the convenient and legal claimant of the consignment containing the funds and onward transfer of the funds out of the Vault House. Your help will be appreciated with 25% of the total fund while 5% of the total will be set aside to cover any expenses incurred during this transaction And 70% will be for my family. We will be happy if you will be able to invest our share in your country under your supervision. I would appreciate confidentiality and honesty in our correspondence.

Your immediate response will be highly welcome I hope to hear from you soon. Please include your phone and fax number in your response for better communication. God bless you and your family.

Terry Frank

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He's been sitting here for a while without a response, so here goes.

This is a scam because:

1. This guy says his name is Terry Frank but says his father was Terry Ford. Aren't kids in Zimbabwe named after their father? Probably.
2. The email does not address you by name. It means this has been mass-mailed to hundreds of people.
3. The scammer is hiding his actual location so you aren't sure where the email was sent from.
4. A farmer with $25 million? I'm in the wrong business.
5. www.scamomatic.com will confirm it's a scam.