Terry Frost, Hinsdale Art Design Collection



The person I am dealing with is Terry Frost
Latest email received hours ago check is on
The way am to wait for it to clear
Stated got my information from care.com
For employment
I never applied to that site but many employment services share information
Hinsdale Art has a site if you google
208 Wisconsin Ave Washington DC
Also how I found this thread
The application page is still in place on site


Google Hinsdale art Design Washington DC
I crossed referenced it to email I got
Maps also showed a Platinum art design
This Raymond showed on same google page
And is how I found this thread
On there site job posting is in the drop down
Address is at bottom no phone
Google maps shows 7203 -46 street when you
Zoom in and that is by putting in the 208 address
Which I don’t understand


Staff member
208 Wisconsin Ave is also known as Platinum Art Designs Collection and Advanced Art Collection. So, one address and 3 different companies.