Thailand: Nigerians arrested for romance scam


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Phuket News: Nigerians arrested in Patong for romance scam, overstay

PHUKET: Two Nigerians have been arrested in Patong for operating an online romance scam and for overstaying their visa.

Sunday 13 September 2020, 06:03PM

Police Police named the two men arrested as Nkemakolam Benson Ugonna, 21, and Osuchukwu Chukwuemeka Malachy, 19.

The pair were arrested at a hotel on Phra Meita Rd in Patong yesterday (Sept 12) by Patong Police officers led by Maj Suchart Chumphusaeng.

According to a report of the arrests, the two Nigerian men were brought to the attention of the Patong Police by an immigration officer in Songkhla investigating scammers who used Facebook accounts with photos of good-looking men to dupe Thai women to send them money.

According to the report, the two men told women through their fabricated Facebook persona that he would send a gift to the women, but that he needed them to send him money to pay for shipping costs.

After victims had transferred money to the designated accounts, the men withdrew money from the accounts via ATMs in different areas.

The two men were observed withdrawing money from the accounts via ATMs in Patong very often, leading officers to track them down to the hotel where they were staying

The two men were taken to Patong police Station for further questioning, and charged for operating the romance scam and for overstaying in the Kingdom of Thailand, reported Patong Police.

Under the current ‘visa amnesty’, which ends on Sept 26, the only way the two men could have been charged for overstaying their visa is if their permits to stay had already expired before Mar 26, when the ‘visa amnesty’ was brought into effect.

However, officers at Patong Police Station today declined to confirm any other details of the arrests of the two Nigerian men, saying that only Maj Suchart, the leading officer in the case, could respond to questions – and that he was unavailable today.