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So I thought I better update before it's forced down my throat like it or not.

So, slow.....slow......slow......

In short, about as f****d up as anything else Microsoft can do! Anything Microsoft can do there's nothing they can't do that will make it worse.

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Omg people. I have a virus on my computer. It's called the "windows10" and it's really slow and nothing seems to work right. It spoofs itself as being from some company called "Microsoft". Watch out for it.
You could be right!

How to disable the hidden keylogger in Windows 10: Stop your PC from spying on you.
By Martyn Casserly | 05 May 16.
If you've installed Windows 10 on your PC, then it's likely that all of your typing, writing, and speaking is being monitored. We show you how you can disable this feature and get back some of your privacy.

I think the sale of Macs will increase dramatically and the installation of Linux is a real option now.

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I just cannot see the forced upgrade to Win 10 in Japan and other countries going smoothly. Based on past experience with MS I would not be surprised if it is a total mess.

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China complains about forced upgrades to Windows 10.
To say that Windows 10 has been controversial for Microsoft would be something of an understatement. The most recent cause for complaint has been a deceptive upgrade popup, described by many as a "nasty trick", which fooled users into installing the upgrade.

The company has since said that it will change the behavior of the upgrade notification, but this is not enough to silence hundreds of thousands of users in China. Microsoft stands accused of abusing its market position to force unwanted upgrades on people.

Speaking to the Xinhua news agency, Zhao Zhanling from the Internet Society of China said: "The company has abused its dominant market position and broken the market order for fair play."

Yang Shuo, a PR worker, also complained, saying that he was not even aware that the Windows 10 installation files had been downloaded to his computer. He said that an unwanted upgrade interrupted his preparations for a meeting, and the subsequent cancellation of this meeting meant missing out on a deal worth 3 million yuan ($457,500).

These are just two voices in China. On microblog Weibo, there are over 1.2 million posts complaining about Windows 10. In response, Microsoft posted details to the site explaining how users could revert back to their previous version of Windows.


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Now there was some major update and it uninstalled WiFi connections and it reinstalled all the bloatware programs I deleted. :mad::(

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When one purchases a pre loaded PC along with the OS people like MS tend to download other things that benefit them but NOT us.

It seems that MS likes to re load all these programs we do not want when you upgrade the OS.

A good free program that I have used for years is Ccleaner from Piriform. This program cleans up the rubbish that others like to put on your PC without your permission.

I have not tried it on windows 10 ( I gave windows the flick a long time ago) But Ccleaner seems to be an excellent program.

Windows 10 Compatibility Issues
July 17, 2017 14:20

A small number of users who try to use old versions of CCleaner in the latest Windows 10 update are being told that CCleaner is '..not compatible with this version of Windows'. The version of Windows 10 which is affected is 14393.576.

Fortunately this issue is easily resolved by downloading and reinstalling CCleaner from the following links:

- If you're a Free user, please download CCleaner from the following link:

- If you've paid for CCleaner Professional, please download CCleaner Professional from the following link:

If you need to locate your license key, you can use our license key lookup tool here: