Thank you Yahoo!

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You know I used to think only Microsoft could put shit in a box and sell it. I thought only Microsoft could write software that would uninstall its own programs. I thought only Microsoft could create an email program that they could constantly fuck up with "improvements". Now I see that Yahoo has caught the Microsoft disease.

So thank you Yahoo. What was once simple is complicated and doesn't even work. Way to go.


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Oh, did they screw up your email CS? :( Boo hoo. Welcome to the real world. They've been doing that for months to people. I don't even think it's optional any more. Still, they have really screwed up their mail system. No one likes it. Well no one I know.


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Omg. This is horrible. I can't even send an email with this new yahoo junk email. Maybe this is the master plan to stop the scammers. If scammers can't compose an email they can't scam anyone.

And it doesn't even matter what browser I use- yahoo mail seems to be screwed up in all of them.


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It doesn't work with Firefox any more. How could they screw this up so badly? This is unacceptable.


I too, have problems with Yahoo messenger not working with Firefox. My solution is to start Explorer and google something (anything). Once I've done that I can then get Yahoo messenger up and running and then shut down Explorer. I've not had any problems with Yahoo email.


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I do sometimes have trouble trying to close my yahoo-mail account! It just wont' load the log-out area. so everything I can do is close the tab, restart yahoo and hope that this time it loads. Sucks, especially if you are at a public PC and in a hurry...


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Half the time it doesn't want to open an actual email. It always says it has some problem opening it.
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I got one of these :(

From: Yahoo! <>
Sent: Friday, 16 August 2013, 10:08
Subject: An update was made to your Mail account


It looked very much like a Phishing attempt before I checked the web.
note: all your saved contacts are stored on Yahoo servers. Yahh.jpg
also see

and Leos comments,use his search box, it actually works: