Thank you Yahoo!

De Master Yoda

All people want is a secure easy to use email service. Every time they try to alter the basic system they seem to mess it up.
It would be better if they concentrated on giving better service and making their system stable instead of messing things up by trying to outdo other services.

Central Scrutinizer

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That explains a lot.

Yahoo is up for sale.

The strange thing is, the Internet giant might be worth nothing.

Yahoo’s said in its Tuesday afternoon earnings release that it was exploring “strategic alternatives” after its plan to spin off its stake in the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba tax-free failed in late 2015. "Strategic alternatives" is how you say “we’re for sale” in corporate-speak.

Yahoo is best known in the U.S. for its free email services and its incredibly popular media channels, including Yahoo Sports and Yahoo Finance, the latter of which is still the best free place on the Web to get updates on the ailing tech company’s falling stock price. But, when you do the math, that entire part of the company seems to be worthless.

The Yahoo parts that are actually valuable are mostly its huge stakes in Alibaba and in Yahoo Japan. When Bloomberg View writer Matt Levine did the math last month, he found that the company's Alibaba stock is worth $32.6 billion and its Yahoo Japan stock is worth $8.7 billion. Plus, it has a few billion in cash and about $1 billion worth of debt. The value of all of the things Yahoo owns comes out to about $46.7 billion. ......

Spanish Admin

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Yes, just lovely. Truly they must have hired someone from Microsoft to do this because only Microsoft could design something and sod it up so badly.


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Better headline news would be if yahoo didn't screw me up. :mad:
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Not quick enough.