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We recently published a blog with the links to 4 websites that formed part of a large infrastructure created by scammers.
Anti-Fraud International acted on those sites and within two days they were all shut down.
We couldn't do without the good people here who act like surgeons and excise the cancers of society.
Such actions save the public hundreds of thousands of pounds/dollars.
It is important for members of the public to continue to report scams to sites like this one and ourselves.
We appreciate that you may have a sense of shame at being a victim but we don't judge you by your actions.
In some way giving us all the information about how you got scammed, successful scam or not, enables you to get some form of closure when law enforcement agencies may seem to do nothing to help you. Of course we never reveal where the information comes from.
We will continue to do the best we can for you as individuals, and all members of the public.
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