The Lydell Shop


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Hi there

i hava a question from 2 companies

The Lydell Shop
310, Messogion av., Athens 15342 Greece
Phone: +302111768410
VAT Registration Number 347217851
Company Number 770404655446

The Afora Market
Email: support [at] afora-shop [dot] com
VAT Registration Number 2113073644
Company Number 677404655976

Can somone help me



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I was looking for a new laptop, I contacted a seller and he gave me these two sites to buy the laptop
I wonder if they are fraudulent

my english is not the best



Hey, I am afraid that Afora-Shop is a big fraud, since its prices are so low, and the service support is so bad. They are based in Budapest Hungary but are not encline to visit the shop if you go to Budapest, neither give you pictures of the product you're about to receive...

Plus, they only work with bank transfers, no paypal, no visa.... It doesn't seem secure at all.

So, to me, you shouldn't buy anything on this website!

I was about to order a canon 5D Mark II with a lens for 1200 euros. Normally it would have costed about 4000 euros... Weird huh?

Good luck !
Lydell shop

On their website it says quote:
" Packages are generally dispatched same day or with a delay of a day after receipt of payment and are shipped via ING Express with tracking and drop-off without signature"
ING Express?? ING is a bank not a shipping company!

"our store will only accept bank wire payments".
Never pay outfront by bank wire payment or Western Union, if you think you are bying from a commercial institute

Classic scam site are the symbols of visa, mastercard, which are, how strange, no longer accepted. :rolleyes: